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Graduate Student Orientation to Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 2023-24

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Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Quick Links

The UCI Library Website is your point of departure as you seek information.

Connecting from Off-Campus

In order to access licensed content and resources, you will either have to use a computer connected to the UCI network which includes access from all campus buildings and residence communities.  If you are away from the campus, you must be recognized and authenticated and you can do this by installing the VPN client or using Web VPN.

If you need additional assistance to install this, please consult with NACS at 949-824-2222 open 24/7

FOR REFERENCE ASSISTANCE - besides contacting the Engineering Librarian, you can visit the Langson Library Reference Desk (hours), engage in eMail reference or LIVE CHAT, or schedule a research consultation by using the Ask-a-Librarian service.

Ask A Librarian

For Chat, Text, eMail and to schedule a Research Consultation with a Librarian, use:


Ask A Librarian

Background Information

There are many resources at the UCI Libraries devoted to the study of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.  The collection is relatively young at about 50 years with the birth of the discipline about then and the UCI collection is focused upon the general materials, and the specific research interests and coursework that is offered at the present on campus.  It is anticipated that the collection will grow rapidly in parallel as the program expands its emphases and more faculty and students join it.  Some of the current special interests reflect strong interdisciplinary interests and include: relationships and support to other units in SSOE as well as the study of fluids, structural mechanics, power, propulsion, combustion, micro/nanomechanics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), aeroacoustics, helicopter design, aerooptics, behavior of condensed matter, fuel cell technologies, hybrid engines, thermionic devices, energy systyesm, heat-transfer, miniaturization, biotechnology, automotive & aeronautic devices, robotics, alternative energies, aerospace, design engineering, complex systems in all areas of MAE.
There are two libraries on the UCI Main Campus - Science Library (SL) will contain most of the materials that support all the sciences, technology, engineering, medicine, and related policy sciences.  The Langson Library (LL) contains the collections in the arts, letters & literature, social & behavioral sciences, business & management, and government information.  Increasingly, the electronic collections are growing at a fast pace.
There are several methods to use to find resources.  Finding books & eBooks is noted below and finding journal articles, technical reports and other sources of information is on the next tab.

Finding Books and eBooks

FINDING BOOKS and EBOOKS: You will search in Library Holdings Catalogs such as the following Online Public Access Catalogs (opacs) and by collections, and by individual titles or authors to locate specific books.  Some collections are publisher specific.  

  • Library of Congress Subject Headings – the authority that offers the structured vocabulary for relevant output for searching Library Search & Melvyl by Subject Headings. Keyword searching may retrieve more output but may not be as relevant. Keyword also searches the author, title, source fields and elements in an abstract when searching in a database, as well as the Subject Headings.  One easy way to establish the Subject Headings is to search Library Search by Subject (use pull-down tabs) and then when you find a relevant book, scroll down to the list of subject headings and click on one of them and other books in the collection will be retrieved.  Corresponding classification schemes mapped to call numbers are found in this outline.

E-Books - there are an increasing number of eBooks to which you have access. They are all listed in Library Search and MELVYL and by individual title and by series. There are many collections of such resources and the collections can be searched collectively