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Brief guide about UCI's microforms/microfilm collection.

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All UCI Libraries' microform collections and equipment are located on the Basement Floor of Langson Library. All library visitors may use the microform equipment to view, scan, and digitize images

Microfilm printed copies    $0.12 / page

PDF Instructions

Please click here for PDF instructions on how to use the microfilm scanner.

Watch the videos below for machine instructions:

Watch the videos below for machine instructions:




1. Pull carrier handle forward until the top glass is raised.

2. Push to secure roll on the left spool with the end of the film overlapping the top of

the roll and toward the right.

3. Pull film under the first white spindle, under the raised glass, under the white

spindle on the right and then insert into the side slot on the take-up reel.

4. Push the red arrow button (right side) on equipment to quickly advance the film to

the beginning of images.

5. Push carrier handle to lower the glass and move the film under the camera.


Microfiche and Microcard

1. Pull carrier handle forward until the top glass is raised.

2. Place fiche or card between the glass plates.

3. Push carrier handle to lower the glass and move the fiche or card under the


4. Move carrier handle to move between images.

View: Browse Tab

1. Plug in USB drive on scanner or workstation before opening software if you want

to save scans later.

2. Open Microform Scanner folder

3. Select ViewScan Premium

4. Use Settings for common types of microforms

  • Click on Settings icon (top – right)

  • Select Load

  • Select one of the options as a starting point

  • Click on Load Settings

5. Continue adjusting image using icons (top)

  • Rotate Left/Right

  • Flip Horizontal

  • Mirror Image

  • Camera Position – Zoom Out/In

  • Camera Focus – Focus Out/In

  • Auto focus (can take up to a minute to read your image)

  • Digital Zoom (+/– )

    • Use after you have set Camera Position and Focus

    • Increases size like a magnify glass

  • Straighteno Click on Straighten Image

    • Draw a line horizontally over text to straighten entire image

  • Light/Contrast

    • Adjust Light levels (basic)

    • Auto Adjust (allows the software to adjust)

    • Manual Adjust (use if need more corrections)

  • Postive/Negative – use to adjust if your image is black with white text

  • Advance film

    • Control buttons on screen (lower – center) or buttons on scanner

    • Click on the Motor Controls icon if you do not see the Control

    • buttons

    • Browse buttons (lower – right) to slowly browse film

    • Film moves faster if you pull the carrier handle forward until the

    • top glass is raised.

Scan: Cropping Tab

  • Full Frame

    • Click and Select Capture Full Frame

  • To crop a specific area

    • Click and drag a box around area

    • Click Capture Cropped Area

    • Select Capture Selection

Save: File Tab

  • Disk

    • Save to local PC

    • Click on folder icon

    • Select SAVE DIGITAL SCANS HERE or your USB drive

    • Click on scans to save

    • Click OK

    • Click Save

  • Google Drive

  • Print

    • Click on Printer

    • Select Print

    • Create your own personal login and password

    • Go to Print Release Station to swipe UCI ID