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ANTswers Library Chatbot

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Danielle Kane
Computational Research Librarian Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Office: Science Library 226
Phone: 949-824-2024

Chatlog Review

ANTswers chatlogs are reviewed on an on going basis and updates are made to the code regularly.  If ANTswers can't answer a question or answers it incorrectly the botmaster reviews the code, makes changes, and then uploads it to the system.  ANTswers has been a work in progress for the past 7 years and as time goes on the chatbot get's better and better at answering the questions it is asked.

How Does ANTswers Determine A Response?

ANTswers works on pattern matching.  You ask a question such as: I want information on Anteaters.  Program-O then searches through all of the code and returns the answer with the highest % match.  Sometimes this means that if there isn't code that matches really well, ANTswers will return a strange response.  This is especially true if you ask a long complicated question.

Try Again

Sometimes there isn't a pattern that matches your question in the chatbot code and you will sometimes get a response from ANTswers for you to rephrase your question.  If you ask the same question over and over you will not get a different answer.  Instead slightly change your question to see if you can get a response.