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Adding Citations to a Paper

To easily add citations to a paper, you will need to install the MS Word Plug In. On Mendeley Desktop use the drop down menu under Tools and click Install MS Word Plug In. A pop up menu will appear indicating successful installation. Click okay and open your MS Word document.

When you reach a point in your paper, where you wish to insert a citation, just click the Insert Citation indicator in your tool bar. This will be accessed differently in different operating systems. In Mac, click the scroll symbol after Help in the Menu Bar. Click on Mendeley and choose Insert Citation.

You can search for a citation as indicated or you can click Go To Mendeley to choose a citation in your library. After selecting the citation, click on Cite symbol that has appeared in the Mendeley Desktop toolbar.

The correct citation should appear in your paper.

The Mendeley Resource Center has more information and images of how the PlugIn is accessed in different operating systems.

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Creating a Bibliography

Citation Syle Menu

Mendeley can create a bibliography from all the citations you entered in your paper.

Just insert your cursor in your Word document, where you want the bibliography. Then on the drop down Mendeley menu on your Word toolbar, click Insert Bibliography.

Mendeley will add and sort all the citations from your paper into a complete bibliography.

To change citation styles, select your entire bibliography and click on Citation Styles in the Mendeley menu on your MS Word document.