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Mendeley Research Manager: Organizing References


Managing Document Files

Re-Naming Files

File name conventions differ for documents you download from the Internet. Some names may just be a series of numbers. Mendeley allows you to easily rename those files to aid consistency, identification and organization.

In Mendeley Desktop, select the document(s) you want to rename, and pull down the File tab and select Rename Document Files..
You get to choose the name convention by dragging fields to the position you want.

Organizing Files on Your Computer

You can also rename multiple files using the File Organizer. It also can sort your files neatly into a designated folder and sub-folders on your computer's hard drive. To access the File Organizer:

Mac: Mendeley Desktop>Preferences

Windows: Tools> Options

Find more information and instructions at the Mendeley Resource Center.
Home>Learn>Organize>File Organizer

Organizing References in Your Mendeley Library

Once you've added references, you'll probably want to organize them, so that you can easily find and identify documents. Open Mendeley Desktop and see how all your references are listed in the center pane.

Sorting by Reference Headings

Each references is organized into fields - Starred favorites, Read (grey)/Unread (green) button, Type of Document indicator (.pdf, MS Word, etc.), Authors, Title, Year, Publication and Date Added to Mendeley. If you click on any of these headers, your list of documents will be sorted accordingly.

Creating Folders

The right pane offers other organizational categories, including folders. Folders allow you to easily distinguish documents by subject, paper or any other category. References can be put in more than one folder. Just click on Create Folder to add new options.

Using Filters

Another way to sort your references is by using filters. If you look at the left pane of both Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web, you'll see a filtering feature. (If you don't see it on the desktop version, click the small funnel symbol in the lower left corner.) You can filter your documents by Publication name, Author's keywords or the tags you've added to a document's record.

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For More Information

For more  information about adding citations to papers, watch the MENDELEY VIDEO TUTORIAL: ORGANIZING YOUR LIBRARY