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BME 180A - Biomedical Design - Fall 2023

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Liaison Librarian

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Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Librarian

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Sara Heimann
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(949) 824-2205
Subjects: Entrepreneurship

Textbook Materials


This course integrates real work practice as a biomedical engineer with designing new products and resources to support the field.  Your projects will require familiarity with the following:

  • engineering best practices & theory
  • basic science and medical background of what problems & diseases your are proposing to cure, solve
  • appropriate materials
  • patent literature
  • Engineering & business standards
  • market & competitive intelligence
  • demographic snapshot
  • business skills
  • presentation skills

You will have the opportunity to develop this understanding and familiarity as you pursue your projects.   You may want to be mindful of certain things to include in your research so that your are finding solutions to critical problems that your device will aid in by gathering sufficient coverage of:

  1. clinical aspects - patient care
  2. physiology - cellular & molecular
  3. biosignal processing - measurements, calculations, formulas
  4. engineering design
  5. commercialization & business strategy - market needs, competitive intelligence, re-engineering and viability
    1. regulatory background (FDA Guidance documents & Pathways)

Many of the government sources are listed on the Engineering tab - materials from the FDA and other regulatory agencies, information about Standards and Patents are also listed there. 

The new UC Library Search is important to master as it identifies not just what is held at UCI but across the UC system.  You can increase your relevancy by using the left hand search by refining your search strategies, and identifying content, how you want it sorted, format,  yet realizing that you may retrieve some items not available at UCI.

In this hybrid learning and teaching environment, you may want to use Zoom to record presentations and review them so that you can basically practice and work with groups.  You should also consider creating space to share in Google Drive so you can write and share documents, ideas, research outputs, etc. 

You will use the science, medical and engineering resources, gain exposure to the business literature, and learn about government data such as census tracking and how to incorporate that if needed.



Hints for Senior Design

Your final version of your poster should include a few citations to the literature - the main articles that inspired your work and are the most parallel to your findings, outcomes, conclusions.  You don't need a long bibliography for several references should be cited.