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Access Answers

What can I access? 

Access is generally available to all users. Registration or account creation might be required to access.

For commercial websites, the UCI Libraries do not offer premium memberships or subscriptions.


Access is available to all users ON the UCI campus and at GML.

OFF campus access requires Authorized Affiliates to log into the VPN with their active UCInetID and password. Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


Access requires an active UCInetID and password.

Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


These resources are not licensed by the UCI Libraries, but librarians occasionally promote them when they are relevant for certain types of research.

Access is available only for Authorized Affiliates, who are also affiliated with the Paul Merage School of Business.


The resources are limited to select UCI populations, based on the user’s status, e.g. current UCI Faculty or PhD students. Please refer to the UCI Libraries for access instructions.

Examples for why content may be limited include: a vendor set restrictions on who may access their information; alternatively, information may be sensitive, identifying, or embargoed;


Am I on the UCI network?
Test my UCI connection.

How do I access the UCI network? 
-  Students
-  Employees
-  Alumni
-  Visitors

Am I responsibly using
what I access?

Typically acceptable vs. unacceptable use.

Wall Street Journal



Access: UCI-  Authorized Affiliates
The UCI Libraries and The Wall Street Journal entered a partnership which provides sponsored WSJ memberships.  Each activated membership comes with personalized access to these electronic resources:, the WSJ mobile app, industry-specific newsletters and podcasts, and access to special events and discounts through WSJ+.

How do current UCI affiliates (i.e. students, faculty, and staff with an active UCInetID and password) activate their complimentary membership?

  • Visit 
  • Enter your UCInetID and password to access the Create Account page. 
  • Use your email address to create your membership account.
  • Students need to enter their graduation date when they register for membership; students do not need to renew their membership annually.  
  • After your membership account is created:
    --use to access content.
    --download the WSJ mobile app.  When you launch the app, go to Sign In.
  • Access / sign-in problems?
    Clear your browser's cache and cookies, or try a different browser.  

Is any content from Dow Jones NOT included in our subscription?

  • WSJ Pro LogoPrint copies are not included, meaning you cannot get the print paper delivered to you.  
  • WSJ Pro articles are not part of the UCI Libraries' subscription to  WSJ Pro is a separate product.  Unfortunately, Dow Jones does not mark its Pro article links (e.g. with a padlock icon), so you may not realize it's a Pro article unless you see the Pro logo in the header, as well as a box prompting you to sign in or subscribe.  


What personal info might Dow Jones collect, and how might they use it?

When you create a account, your personal information is subject to use by publisher Dow Jones as described below:

  • How/when personal data is collected: Information required when you sign up for an account or create a profile; use an interactive feature (such as chat, chat bot or article sharing options); participate in a community forum. 
  • Data collected through third parties: If you access through a social media service, information collected may include your social media user ID and/or user name, profile picture, email address, demographic data, your interests, and your activities on other websites.
  • Other data collected through third party analytics providers, ad networks, and advertisers: Dow Jones can track your online activities over time and across third party websites, apps and devices. Data may include your name, contact information, your transactions, purchase history, or relationships with various product and service providers, and use of certain applications. 
  • Other data that may be collected: Password, birthday, education or graduation year, occupation, financial information (i.e. income, investments, portfolio transactions and value), live event accommodations, and interests.
  • Here's the full Dow Jones Privacy Notice.


How do current UCI faculty and staff renew their membership?

Faculty and staff need to renew their membership annually. 

  • You will receive an automated email from Dow Jones with a "Refresh Membership" link.  
  • Alternatively, try these steps:
    • Make sure you're on UCI's network by either being on campus or by using the VPN, configured to UCIFull, from off campus.
    • Clear cookies by entering on your browser's address bar.
    • Log out from your account by entering on your browser's address bar.
    • Visit  That link should successfully redirect you to your account (it may take several seconds).


Do students receive additional benefits from Wall Street Journal after they graduate? 

Students with activated memberships qualify for significantly reduced promotional rates that continue for two years after graduating.  Students will receive an automated email upon graduation from WSJ inviting them to subscribe at those exclusive rates. 


Can current UCI affiliates who already have personal subscriptions cancel their membership?

If you currently pay for a personal WSJ membership, you will not automatically be switched to the UCI Libraries sponsored membership. To cancel a personal membership and switch to the university-sponsored membership, you have can email or call WSJ support (contact info at the end of this page). 

Please tell WSJ that you want to switch to the subscription provided by the University of California, Irvine.  Partial refunds will be dispersed.  After your personal account is closed, you will be able to activate your complimentary membership sponsored by the UCI Libraries.


More questions?

For any support requests, you can contact WSJ:

  • 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625)
    Hours: M-F 9am - 5pm Central
    You'll need your email address used to create your account.  Please ask to be transferred to the Education Department.

You can also contact Annette Buckley, UCI Libraries Research Librarian for Business and Economics.


Advanced Searching and Historical Articles

WSJ, 1984-Current
Access: UCI
Via ProQuest Major Dailies.  Each issue is indexed thoroughly for access to top news stories and information contained on the various sections of the paper. The indexing covers complete bibliographic information and companies, people, products, etc.

WSJ, 1889-2002
Access: UCI
Via ProQuest Historic Newspapers. Includes the complete WSJ newspaper, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in PDF format.