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Writing 60: Argument & Research: Research process video

Recommended resources for students working on their Writing 60 research and writing assignments.

Online Library Workshop for the Contexts Project

These two videos model how a more experienced researcher might go about focusing a research topic and then starting researching that topic in library databases. They complement the other library research tutorials by demonstrating an in-depth example of a topic. 

  • Tips on Focusing Your Research Topic (10:23)
    • In-depth model of how to move from a very broad course theme ("Mass Incarceration") to a more manageable topic ("Bail Reform")
    • Questions to ask yourself as you search Google/Wikipedia
    • Library resources specifically for developing a topic: CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints
  • Using Library Resources to Conduct Research for 39C (17:49)
    • In-depth demonstration of how to move from a topic ("Bail Reform") to finding scholarly articles and more in library databases
    • How to use CQ Researcher to find more sophisticated background research and potential keywords
    • How to string together a more advanced search query in Academic Search Complete
    • How to search multiple databases at one time
    • How to get the most out of tools and features in Academic Search Complete to save you time

Online Library Workshop for Advocacy Project

The following videos cover what librarians would typically go over in a typical in-person library workshop for the AP. These are also included in the these tutorial pages, which provide even more context.