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Research Impacts Using Citation Metrics

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Web of Science Citation Reports

This feature provides statistical information about an author's publishing output (indexed within Web of Science) and the citations the author's work has received. It can be used to discern patterns, find an H-Index, and get a fuller picture of the publishing and citation history of an individual author.

Once you've done an Author Search and have appropriately refined your results, click on:

(The icon is located near the top right of the results page.)

The report includes two bar graphs:

To the right of the graphs, statistical information is listed:

Note that this report lists the author's H-Index (based on the citation results returned by Web of Science). The H-Index measures author impact, but the numbers should only be compared within an academic discipline, since publishing patterns vary.

Below this information, the listing of articles can be sorted in various ways.

The number of citations for each article by year are also cited within the report.