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Overleaf for Scholarly Writing and Publishing

The University of California Irvine Libraries now provides free Overleaf Professional accounts for all faculty, staff, and students who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their papers and projects

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LaTex   (pronounced LAY-tek or LAH-tek)

LaTeX is the name of an open-source document markup language used for documents requiring the TeX typesetting program.  It is a tool used to create professional-looking documents. It is based on the WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) idea, meaning you only have to focus on the contents of your document and the computer will take care of the formatting.  The typesetting output of TeX is particularly good for mathematical and scientific publications.  


The word BibTeX stands for a tool and a file format which are used to describe and process lists of references, mostly in conjunction with LaTeX documents. As the name implies, BibTex is intended to be used in combination with the typesetting system LaTeX, but it has become possible, for instance, to include BibTeX-bibliographies even in Word-Documents using third-party tools Many citation management tools support the ability to export and import lists of references in .bib format.  Some tools, such as Mendeley can generate BibTeX files of your library or folders for use in your LaTeX documents.

Information on using LaTeX at UCI

Overleaf at UCI

Overleaf is a collaborative cloud based LaTeX tool which makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific papers faster and easier.  New to LaTeX?  This tool will help you learn the basics and collaborate with others.

All UC Irvine students, faculty and staff have access to a free Overleaf Professional account.  Sign up on the UCI  page for Overleaf. This site includes templates used at UCI as well as templates from ACM, IEEE, NSF and SPIE. If you have a favorite template let us know and we will add it.

UC Irvine Thesis Template

UCI Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Manual

Sample pages and templates

Graduate Division

The UCI Libraries provides formatting and submission support for graduate theses and dissertations. Theses and dissertations may be submitted electronically (via ProQuest), or on paper; electronic submission best serves the majority of our graduate students and is highly encouraged.

If you have questions about formatting or the submission process, read through the FAQs or email If you have questions or concerns that do not relate to the formatting of your manuscript, please contact Graduate Division