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Information about the MorphicBar pilot project at the UCI Libraries.

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What is Morphic?

Morphic is a free, open-source software tool that provides quick access to the accessibility and usability tools already built into Windows and Mac computers, by way of the MorphicBar. The UCI Libraries have created a custom MorphicBar (pictured below) which includes links to UCI Accessibility and the UCI Disability Services Center.

Custom MorphicBar for UCI

Keep reading to learn about the features on the UCI MorphicBar or visit our Tutorial Videos page for short demonstrations of each feature. 

Morphic Pilot at UCI Libraries

The UCI Libraries are piloting the use of the MorphicBar on most library and employee workstations (except for instructor and conference room stations) during the 2023-24 Fall and Winter quarters. On successful completion, we expect to propose widespread campus use in partnership with the UCI IT Accessibility Workgroup and the campus ADA Coordinator.

Installation of this tool serves the fourth focus area of the UCI Libraries' Diversity Plan, "ensuring that we present a welcoming and inclusive environment in our physical and virtual locations."

Your feedback is valuable! Please tell us about your experiences with Morphic using this feedback form.  

Using MorphicBar at UCI

On the left side of the UCI MorphicBar are dark blue buttons that will link you directly to the websites of UCI Accessibility and UCI Disability Services Center.

To the right of these are green buttons with the Text Size and Magnifier tools. 

Text Size

Select the plus sign MorphicBar plus sign to enlarge the size of all content on your screen. This will enlarge all text and images. Select the plus sign again to enlarge more. 

To shrink the size of your content in order to fit more on your screen, select the minus sign MorphicBar minus sign. See the text size demonstration video for more. 


Select "Show" to view the magnifier function. You can move your mouse around to magnify different portions of your screen. Your mouse will still work as usual, so you can click on links while using the magnifier. Select "Hide" to close the magnifier tool. See the magnifier demonstration video for more.

The left half of the MorphicBar

Further to the right are the Snip, Read Selected, and Contrast & Color tools. To the far right of the bar are the Morphic logo and in the top right corner, the X used to minimize the tool. 


Use the Snip tool to capture a screenshot of a portion of your screen. Select "Copy" and hold down the left mouse button while dragging your mouse down to select the capture window. See the snip demonstration video for more. 

Read Selected

This tool will read a selection out loud for you. Use your mouse to select text, then select the "Play" MorphicBar play button button under Read Selected to listen to the text. Select the "Stop" MorphicBar stop buttonbutton to stop at any time. See the read selected demonstration video for more. 

Contrast & Color

These four buttons allow you to easily switch between high contrast, color, dark, or night modes.  


Select Contrast to turn on high contrast mode. Right click on Contrast to access the settings - from here you can select the style of contrast that is best for your needs. Select Contrast again to turn off high contrast mode. See the contrast demonstration video for more.


Select Color to turn on filters that help users with various forms of color blindness. Right click on Color to access the settings - from here you can select the filter that is best for your needs. Select Color again to turn off color mode. See the color demonstration video for more. 


Select Dark to turn on dark mode. Note that not all applications are compatible with this feature. Select Dark again to turn off dark mode. See the dark mode demonstration video for more. 


Select Night to show warmer colors that are easier on your eyes at night. Select Night again to turn off night mode. See the night mode demonstration video for more. 

Menu Options

Select the green Morphic logo on the far right side of the MorphicBar to view menu options. From this menu you can explore tutorials as well as additional accessibility and usability features on your computer. If you wish to create a free login for Morphic Plus, you can do that here using the "Sign into Morphic" option. A MorphicPlus account will allow you to create custom MorphicBars with additional accessibility features. 


Select the X in the upper right corner of the MorphicBar to hide Morphic. When you want to open the MorphicBar again, you will find it minimized just to the left of the Windows system tray as shown: Morphic hidden in Windows system tray Hover your mouse over the partially hidden Morphic logo and left click to reopen the MorphicBar.

The right half of the MorphicBar