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Gender and Sexuality Studies: Research Databases

This guide supports teaching and research in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

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How to Search

Boolean Operators

  • AND makes a search narrower by retrieving results with both keywords: Gender AND race
  • OR makes a search broader by linking synonyms: youth OR child
  • NOT narrows your search by excluding specific terms: adult NOT child
  • "" use quotation marks to retrieve exact phrases

Search string examples

  • "self care" AND (capitalism OR commodification or commercialization )
  • ("Violence Against Women Act" OR VAWA) AND "women of color"

Selected Databases

This list of research databases incorporates a mixture of materials - some databases may be digital archives filled with different types of primary sources, some may focus on secondary scholarship such as analysis or critique, and some may combine both types of resources. As you are researching, remember to think of what type of information you are looking for and then select accordingly. Please see the plethora of other research guides too - while this list focuses on resources specific to the gender and sexuality studies space, other disciplinary databases in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, etc. might be quite useful. In those disciplinary databases or in more general multidisciplinary databases, you can add specific keywords to your search to help look for research through a specific lens or angle.


Browzine is a platform for browsing scholarly journals online or on a mobile device. The biggest features of this platform are the ability to create a personal library of journals and the ability to save articles to read offline. This is an excellent resource for researchers and students to quickly and easily know what is being published in the current issues of journals they regularly follow.

Browse journals available through this resource related to the following subjects:

Women's Studies  Ethnic, Race, and Gender Studies Lesbian. Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

General Databases

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