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Systematic Reviews & Evidence Synthesis Methods

A detailed, step-by-step guide to the first several stages of an evidence synthesis review.

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This guide provides an overview of the steps in an evidence synthesis review, and offers several suggestions for useful resources and tools to use throughout the process. Librarians offer consultations as well. Please refer to the "How Librarians Can Help" information on the UCI Libraries Evidence Synthesis Service page to see the specific ways librarians can support you through this process.

For clarification questions, please contact the Evidence Synthesis Library Team.

We recognize that these types of reviews may be interdisciplinary and not limited to a single discipline. Submitting the survey to schedule a consultation with a librarian is the first step, and depending on your topic, that librarian may consult or ask other colleagues to join the discussion.

Meet Our Team


Melissa Beuoy
Research Librarian for Interdisciplinary Studies

Subjects: Education, Global and International Studies

Nicole Carpenter
Research Librarian for Social Sciences

Subjects: Anthropology, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Sociology

Carrie Cullen
Research Librarian for Physical Sciences

Subjects: Mathematics, Health Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Statistics


Becca Gates
Research Librarian for Health Sciences

Subjects: Nursing & Allied Health

Julia Gelfand
Research Librarian for Applied Sciences and Engineering

Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Informatics, Public Policy, Urban Planning


Linda Murphy
Research Librarian for Health Sciences

Subjects: Medicine & Health Sciences

Hector Perez-Gilbe
Research Librarian for Health Sciences

Subjects: Medicine & Health Sciences, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Public Health