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Criminology, Law & Society: Second Amendment


Keep And Bear Arms

Gun Violence Archive

Oral Argument




Gun Control 

--Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

--Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

--Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

--Violence Policy Center

--Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

--Silent March: Americans Against Violence

--Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

--Women Against Gun Violence 

--Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. 

--Center to Prevent Youth Violence

--Stop Handgun Violence Inc 

--States United to Prevent Gun Violence

--Stop Our Shootings Inc

--New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund, Inc. 

--Mayors Against Illegal Guns


Gun Rights

--National Rifle Association of America:

--Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice & Firearms Safety

--Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers Institute

--American Society of Arms Collectors

--National Shooting Sports Foundation

--Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

--Safari Club International

--Illinois Citizens for Handgun Control

--Second Amendment Foundation

--Gun Owners of America

--Sons of Liberty

--Gun Owners Foundation

--Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

--St. Gabriel Possenti Society

--The Pro Second Amendment Committee

--Law Enforcement Alliance of America

--Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education

--Women Against Gun Control

--Second Amendment Sisters

--Armed Females of America

--Students for Concealed Carry

--National Firearms Act Trade and Collectors Association 

--United States Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation

--Commonwealth Second Amendment Inc

Research Focus


Law Reviews on Post-Heller Jurisprudence

Heller McDonald 

Countering Mass Violence

California Governmental Agency

Federal Governmental Agency


Gun Laws Gun Deaths

United States District Court Southern District of California

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit