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Software for Data Analysis

Software Comparison

Software Interface* Learning Curve Data Manipulation Statistical Analysis Graphics Specialties
SPSS Menus & Syntax Gradual Moderate Moderate Scope
​Low Versatility
Good Custom Tables, ANOVA and Multivariate Analysis
Stata Menus & Syntax Moderate Strong Broad Scope
​Medium Versatility
Good Panel Data, Mixed Models, Survey Data Analysis
SAS Syntax Steep Very Strong Very Broad Scope
​High Versatility
Very Good Large Datasets, Reporting, Password Encryption, Components for Specific Fields
R Syntax Steep Very Strong Very Broad Scope
​High Versatility
Excellent Graphic Packages, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling
Matlab Syntax Steep Very Strong Limited Scope
​High Versatility
Excellent Simulations, Multidimensional Data, Image and Signal Processing
JMP Menus & Syntax Gradual Strong Moderate Scope
​Medium Versatility
Great Design of Experiments, Quality Control, Model Fit

*The primary interface is bolded in the case of multiple interface types available