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NIH Public Access Policy: My Bibliography

Instructions and resources to help the UCI research community comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.

What is My Bibliography

  • A reference tool that helps to save citations (journal articles, books/chapters, patents, and presentations) directly from PubMed or, if not found there, to manually enter citations using My Bibliography templates.
  • eRAcommons users use My Bibliography to track compliance status and report papers to NIH.
  • Using My Bibliography to manage the compliance process. The video below helps NIH-funded scientists link funding to their citations and manage compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

This video focuses on special features of My Bibliography that helped NIH-funded scientists link funding to their citations and manage compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

How to Get Help@UCI

Email us with your NIH Public Access Policy questions:

Schedule a Digital Scholarship Consultation

Schedule a consultation for assistance with any of your information needs. Receive help with the NIH public access policy, create My Bibliography, generate a biosketch with SciENcv, literature search, data management plans, and increasing your research impact. 


Building My Bibliography

How to build My Bibliography

My Bibliography is designed to store and manage citations of your scholarly work. 
Start to build My Bibliography by Add Citation 

  1. Add from PubMed - search PubMed and import citations with the "Send to" My Bibliography 
  2. Add manually -- enter non-PubMed citations (e.g., book chapters, conference abstracts, Grand Rounds presentations, patents, etc.)​ 
  3. Upload a file 


Source: Arizona Health Sciences Library - Tucson  My NCBI Tools & the New NIH Biosketch Last accessed 02/10/2017. 


Creating a customized bibliography for your NIH Biosketches 

  1. Sign in to NCBI 
  2. Under the My Bibliography box, click on Manage My Bibliography »
  3. Select the papers you want to included in the URL, and click "View"
    • The above step will display the selected papers in PubMed
    • Click “Send to:”
      • Select “Collections”, then click on Add to Collections.
      • Select “Create new collection
      • Enter a name for your collection and click Save.
      • The above step will take you back to PubMed. Click on My NCBI.
      • Under the Collections box, select Manage Collections » 
      • Change the Collection setting from Private to Public.   
      • After the collection's setting is changed to public, the page returns with a public URL that you can include in your NIH New Biosketch