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Subject librarians are available to teach library research and information literacy skills to your students!  Find your subject librarians here.

Langson Library Department of Education & Outreach

The Education and Outreach Department, which currently includes four librarians and one library assistant, provides leadership for the Libraries’ outreach and instruction activities and programs which emphasize information literacy, research skills, scholarly communication, and critical thinking. The Department has a lead role in the coordination, integration, and assessment of all library instruction and outreach activities, including subject-based, graduate, and professional school instruction. 

ACRL Framework

The ACRL has actively engaged in developing Information Literacy guiding documents and programs in order to support today's learners, including the ACRL Information Literacy Framework. The Framework is organized into six frames, each consisting of a concept central to information literacy, a set of knowledge practices, and a set of dispositions. The six concepts that anchor the frames are presented alphabetically:

  • Authority Is Constructed and Contextual
  • Information Creation as a Process
  • Information Has Value
  • Research as Inquiry
  • Scholarship as Conversation
  • Searching as Strategic Exploration

ACRL Framework Information Literacy Links

IL Framework Fundamentals

A public Zotero group for articles on implementing the ACRL Framework.

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

ACRL blog on framework

Annotated Bibliography of Threshold Concepts

The list represents a wide variety of disciplines around threshold concepts and serves as an introduction to threshold concepts in the literature of educational theory.

Information Literacy Best Practices: Exemplary Programs

Examples of programs that exhibit characteristics of various best practice elements

Project Information Literacy

American Association of Colleges & Universities Information Literacy Value Rubric

ACRL Information Literacy Standards

ACRL is the source that the higher education community looks to for standards and guidelines on academic libraries. ACRL promulgates standards and guidelines to help libraries, academic institutions, and accrediting agencies understand the components of an excellent library. Accreditation agencies have lent their support to the information literacy movement by including language in their Standards that stress the importance of teaching these abilities in colleges and universities.

ACRL Framework Twitter Feed