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Research Impacts Using Citation Metrics

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H-index = scholarly impact

A scientist has index h if h of [his/her] Np papers have at least h citations each, and the other (Np − h) papers have at most h citations each.

The H-Index was developed by Jorge Hirsch in his quest to find a better way to rank authors within their field.

Illustration: Ronald Kurniawan, Wired Magazine 17:06, 05.22.09

As described in the linked article from Wired Magazine, H-Index rankings do seem to generally mirror scholarly success, but with an advantage to authors who have published longer.

Since publishing output varies by discipline, authors' H-Index rankings should only be compared within a discipline.

Resources to access the H-Index are listed below:

New Information Products

With the altmetrics movement, there have been many new sources and information products that compute impacts of different kinds.  The following products are certainly worth keeping on your radar: