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Cognitive Sciences

Resources in Cognitive Sciences

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Reference Sources

A reference source is an authoritative compilation of info on a subject, segmented into smaller constituent stand-alone topics.  Typical formats include: dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, almanacs, and bibliographies.

Use them to quickly gain an understanding about the key concepts and/or resources within that subject.

Online Cognitive Science References: 

eBook Collections in Cognitive Psychology

Selected eBook Collections

Finding Books

For e-books & books at UCI: Search UC Library Search  

To request a book we don't have at UCI: Interlibrary Loan

To browse books and journals on the shelves, go to these locations: Note Psychology books have BF call numbers, which are in the Langson Library in the basement.

Affection. Feeling. Emotion (BF511-593)
Behavioral medicine (WB103)
Child development Including child-rearing, child life, play, and socialization (HQ767.8-792.2)
Clinical psychology. Mental health (WM105)
Cognition Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, imagination, genius, intelligence, thought and thinking, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue (BF309-499)
Differential psychology. Individuality. Self (BF697-697.5)
Experimental psychology (BF180-198.7)
Genetic psychology (BF699-711)
Industrial& and organizational psychology (HF5548)
Mathematical Psychology (BF39)
Motivation (BF501-505)
Neurophysiology & neuropsychology (QP351-495)
Personality (BF698-698.9)
Psychological tests and testing (BF176-176.5)
Social Psychology and Social Networks (HM741)
Will. Volition. Choice. Control (BF608-635)