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World In Ruins Book Display: Home

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About the Display

For this display, we decided to go with the theme of dystopian literature because the growing awareness of the continued injustices and inequities in our country, coupled with the pressures of the pandemic, has made dystopia feel especially relevant.

Unfortunately, the past year has been mentally and physically exhausting for many. Sometimes, it has been hard to believe that we aren’t living in a dystopian novel! This reality has often given way to the feeling that our world is in ruins as well.

While these books are all works of fiction, we thought that they told powerful stories of injustice and oppression. Ranging from recent releases to well-loved novels, this display features worlds that are plagued by corruption and hardship, but highlights the stories of those brave enough to survive and fight for a better future.

We hope that these works will inspire you to think critically about our world, to act, and to have hope.

Meet the display curators

Christina Acevedo

Hi everyone! My name is Christina (she/her/hers). I’m currently in my fourth year at UCI and studying English, but I hope to add a double major in Spanish with an emphasis in literature and culture and graduate by Spring 2022. After my undergraduate education, I intend to pursue a career in librarianship! One fun fact about me is that I really love crafts! I’m always trying and picking up new hobbies, but some of my favorites include gardening, crocheting, playing instruments, and visiting new places/amusement parks. I’m also big on self-teaching and hope to grow my knowledge of languages so that I can enjoy more music and literature!

Kim Hang

Hi, I’m Kim and I’m currently a fourth year English major and political science minor. After graduating from UCI, I hope to attend law school and pursue a career in intellectual property! It’s safe to say that I’m a huge bookworm and love to read anything from true crime to young adult fantasy. I also really enjoy reading and supporting diverse books that offer different perspectives on culture and identity! I think my love for literature is definitely on par with the love I have for my family, my dogs, and Szechuan noodles. When I’m not reading or working on my endless pile of papers, you can find me blogging, catching up on my favorite shows, or playing tennis with my dad!


Humanities Out There

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Statement from student interns: 

Both of us have worked to curate this book display as a part of our participation in the Humanities Out There (H.O.T.) program. This program offers students the opportunity to gain experience by working with professionals at UCI in their fields of expertise. From assisting faculty members in the Humanities Center to interviewing residents in Newport Beach, the program allows students to play an active role within their academic community while also gaining leadership, research, and communication skills. Being a part of this internship has given us the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of UCI’s libraries and to get professional advice that will help us in our future careers! It has been a pleasure to learn more about the practicality of a humanities degree and the ways that it can benefit us in our endeavors, both at UCI and beyond!