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Public Health 223 - Risk Communication

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Course Overview

You will be conducting a content analysis of media coverage of a risk.  This can be done in several ways.  This guide will introduce you to several tools that your strategy can employ to form your sample of media stories.  Regardless of whether you choose a quantitative or a qualitative approach or a hybrid, you will be tasked to find media coverage of the risk topic you are covering.  Scientists, social scientists, general authors and journalists perform this kind of analysis and how they reach different communities - a form of outreach and study of disparities across different forms of literacy.

Hints before starting your research:

1. Read the assignment carefully
2. Think about what topic you want to research and clearly define it - if you are writing a 15-20pp paper you may want to consider the context carefully

3.  Consider whether you will use a quantitative or a qualitative approach - this will determine how you analyze your sample

4.  Investigate all of the media channels which may have reported on this risk

5.  In order to present your results you may want to code the responses so you can sort                                                                                                                         


The following resources will serve as sites you can search for media coverage:

Supplemental Sources

These resources will help contextualize the issues and provide background for approaching your analysis and presentation of results. 

More about Social Media

Social media has changed the way we communicate, publish, share and rely upon information.  New technologies, techniques, patterns emerge all the time.  Many reports indicate what the lifespan of each of these methods is but all are highly speculative.  Studies indicate how every work and learning environment is changing quickly as new generations of users adopt more digital processes.  These resources suggest the trends on the horizon:

Connecting from Off-Campus

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