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For Chat, Text, eMail and to schedule a Research Consultation with a Librarian, use:


Ask A Librarian

Copying/Printing at the Libraries

The UCI PhotoID will serve as your copy card for copying and xeroxing.  It requires that money be added to it by inserting it in one of the Regenerator machines found throughout the UCI Libraries.  Enter a few dollars at a time and add to it when it is depleted.  Costs will be debited at the rate of 8 cents per copy or xerox made; 12 cents per page of printing.  Beginning in Fall 2009, your ID card will also be valid at other campus IT units, however the costs may be debited at different rates for various functions.

Introduction to ICS Academic Programs

The Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences (ICS) is composed of three academic departments and there is a Research Guide to support each department that lists information resources and special services appropriate to that subject discipline and of interest to faculty, graduate students and undergraduates enrolled in ICS classes and engaged in its research programs.  Remember to use all the pull-down menus to find extra resources and information.

Make sure to use the specialized resources for each department.

Mobile Access Optimized @ UCI

Increasingly many of our licensed library resources are available via mobile devices - this link will tell you what is available and on what platform.  

Evaluating Information

When using Online or Internet Resources, consider Search Engines vs. metasites - evaluate resource - consider domain - .edu, .com, .gov, .org, etc.

Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources - or Evaluation Techniques for Internet Resources

  1. Authority control - authorship - who, affiliation, where
  2. Currency - note the date, the update, does it reflect the right period of time
  3. Evaluate the source - establish criteria that is meaningful to covering the topic
  4. Citing Internet resources - URL & date of the search
  5. Capturing and citing
  6. Copying

Library is Open for eAccess

Liaison Librarian

Julia Gelfand's picture
Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Library Hours

Check the Library Hours for each venue and department before you come to the Library.