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Find a book

UC Library Search Tutorial

UC Library Search is helpful for finding books, government documents, and more, including finding articles from multiple databases across the UC system. 

How to Check out a Book in the Library

The basic steps are:

  1. Use UC Library Search to find a book's Location and Call Number. (Example: Langson Library PE2804 .B3 W22 2014)
  2. Go to any set of elevators to find out which floor your call number will be located. (PE will be on the 4th floor)
  3. Once you are on the correct floor, look on the floor map to see where the PE call numbers might be.
  4. Walk to the section of the floor that has shelves with the PE call numbers. Locate the shelf where your number should be.
  5. Scan the shelves to find the call number on the spine of the book.

FAQ about Books

Q: How long can I borrow a book? 
A: For most books from within the UC system - 90 days.

Q: How many books can I borrow?
A: Up to 999 books at one time!

Q: Does it cost anything to borrow a book?
A: No. But if you don't return it in time, you will have to pay a late fee.

Q: How do I get a library card?
A: Your student ID is your library card!