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Writing 39C: Argument & Research: Advocacy Project Sources

Recommended resources for students working on their Writing 39C research and writing assignments.

Search Strategies

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Find Sources

Newspapers can be helpful sources of current information about new policies. Editorials and the Op-Ed pages are particularly good places to look, because they are spaces in which people write about problems and how they might be solved.

Databases contain scholarly articles and other sources that may study potential advocacy solutions or policies. They may also propose new policies. Consider using some of the databases you used for the HCP and adding "policy" or one of the synonyms listed above.

Think tanks can be a great resource for research and statistics on a variety of topics, but keep in mind that think tanks are especially advocacy-oriented. Think tanks often refer to themselves as non-partisan (which means they have no formal connection to a political party) - however, many still have ideological orientations that are consistent with political parties. Thus, be sure to critically evaluate and interrogate them as providers of information.

Think tanks come in many shapes and sizes - use the ​Think Tank Search ​to search for think tanks that focus on your topic.

The following are large, well-known think tanks that focus on a variety of issues:

Search for state and federal legislation to gain a richer understanding of a proposed or enacted policy.

State Policies

Federal Policies

Search for international legislation to gain a richer understanding of a proposed or enacted policy.

Use the resources below to find data and make your own graphs and charts to show trends. You can also look in newspapers and databases to find graphs and charts created by others.

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Ask a Librarian

Ask A Librarian

If you're stuck trying to find policies, don't forget that you can always ask a librarian!

Where Can I Find More?

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