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NIH Public Access Policy: Compliance Overview

Instructions and resources to help the UCI research community comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.

When and How to Comply

All of your peer-review papers that fall under the NIH Public Access Policy must include evidence of compliance in all of your NIH grant applications, proposals, and progress reports. Below are the basic steps for when and how to comply: 

Basic Steps for Compliance

  1. Author/PI receives NIH Funding
  2. Author/PI prepares to publish
    • Use Sherpa/RoMEO to review publisher copyright & self-archiving policies
  3. Author/PI publishes a peer-reviewed article.
  4. Manage compliance process using your My NCBI account.
  5. Submit the article to NIHMS making it available in PubMed Central (PMC)
  6. Cite your article with the PMCID in your Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

PMCID - PMID - Manuscript ID - DOI Converter

Use this Converter to check for existing PMCIDs or find associated identifiers:


NIH Public Access Policy Compliance Monitor

This 3.45-minute video provides a quick overview of a web-based tool that institutions can use to track compliance of publications that fall under the NIH Public Access Policy.

How to Get Help@UCI

Email us with your NIH Public Access Policy questions:

Schedule a Digital Scholarship Consultation

Schedule a consultation for assistance with any of your information needs. Receive help with the NIH public access policy, create My Bibliography, generate a biosketch with SciENcv, literature search, data management plans, and increasing your research impact.