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Nielsen Datasets: Computing Policies and Resources


Computing Policies

The Usage Policy on the Kilts Center site says: 
Data must be stored only on devices and computers owned by the subscribed institution or permissible Third Party Hosting Systems. The permissible Third Party Hosting Systems must have at least one of the following information security certifications:
(a) federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA);
(b) SSAE16 SOC2; and/or
(c) ISO27001 security certifications.

No amount of data should ever be stored on a personal computer!


What are my options for storing the Nielsen Datasets?

I DO HAVE a UCI-owned computer that can
properly store the Nielsen Datasets.

I DON'T HAVE a UCI-owned computer that can
properly store the Nielsen Datasets.

I DON'T WANT to store the Nielsen Datasets
on my UCI-owned computer.


  1. Complete registration with the Kilts Center.  
  2. Use the Globus data transfer system to get the files you need. The Kilts Center will provide the instructions you'll need for this.  
  3. Please DO NOT pull the Nielsen Datasets content from the UCI Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP).  

That's OK! 
You can access and analyze the data via the UCI Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP).   Visit this tab for details.  


How much data are we talking about?

Consumer Panel Data
Total is 45+ GB
Ad Intel Data
Total is 335+ GB

Retail Scanner Data
Total is 6+TB.  Annual updates are .5TB/year.  Most Retail Scanner data users will use an online application to request custom-built file packages of data files that include those required for a project, so data amount will vary.


The Nielsen Datasets in CRSP

The UCI RCIC (Research Cyber-Infrastructure Center) manages CRSP, an enterprise-grade storage system designed for researchers, organized into labs.  The Nielsen Datasets are stored in a lab called libnielsen in CRSP.  

  • UCI Tenure-Track Faculty
    UCI Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP) offers pre-created accounts to all UCI tenure-track faculty
  • UCI PhDs & Postdocs
    You may request to have a sub-account made for you in CRSP.  It will be under the tenure-track faculty member whom you list as your advisor for the Nielsen Datasets.  


Access the Nielsen Datasets in CRSP

  1. Complete registration with the Kilts Center.  This must be done before you'll be permitted to access the Nielsen Datasets in CRSP. 
  2. Email Annette Buckley to ask for access to the Nielsen Datasets in CRSP and include your UCInetID. PhD Student & Postdocs, please CC your faculty advisor on this request email, and also include their name and UCInetID; you can find it in the UCI Directory.

    If Annette is unavailable, or you you have not received an update after 48 hours during the business week, please use UCI’s Ask A Librarian email service, and copy/paste this message:

    I am a researcher requesting access to the Nielsen Datasets lab in UCI's Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP).  It has been more than 48 hours since I submitted my request for access.  This link has instructions for UCI Libraries staff to contact RCIC Support Staff to enable my access to the Nielsen Datasets lab (LibApps login required).
  3. If you have technical questions about accessing/using the Nielsen Datasets in CRSP, contact the Computing Help Desk for your department.  


More About the Nielsen Datasets in CRSP

  • Populating the Nielsen Datasets into CRSP was a team effort involving several people across many groups:  the UCI Libraries, UCI Research Cyberinfrastructure Center (RCIC), Social Sciences Computing Services (SSCS), and the Kilts Center at the Chicago Booth School of Business.  
  • The UCI Libraries get emails from the Kilts Center regarding the Nielsen Datasets.  When the Kilts Center makes new data available, the UCI Libraries IT staff manually transfer it to a special account within the RCIC dedicated to the Nielsen Datasets.  
  • The Nielsen Datasets in the UCI Libraries' account in CRSP contains essentially* all of the data that the Kilts Center offers in the Nielsen Datasets product.  If you think something is missing, please email Annette Buckley, and she will investigate!

    We say essentially because there may be a few-day lag for this workflow:
    • The UCI Libraries get an email from the Kilts Center about new data.
    • Libraries IT pull the data using the Globus File Transfer system that Kilts uses.
    • Libraries IT put the data into CRSP. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding!  

 Box title- Access Answers 

What can I access? 

Access is generally available to all users. Registration or account creation might be required to access.

For commercial websites, the UCI Libraries do not offer premium memberships or subscriptions.


Access is available to all users ON the UCI campus and at GML.

OFF campus access requires Authorized Affiliates to log into the VPN with their active UCInetID and password. Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


Access requires an active UCInetID and password.

Authorized Affiliates are users with an active UCInetID and password, i.e. current UCI students, faculty, and staff.


These resources are not licensed by the UCI Libraries, but librarians occasionally promote them when they are relevant for certain types of research.

Access is available only for Authorized Affiliates, who are also affiliated with the Paul Merage School of Business.


The resources are limited to select UCI populations, based on the user’s status, e.g. current UCI Faculty or PhD students. Please refer to the UCI Libraries for access instructions.

Examples for why content may be limited include: a vendor set restrictions on who may access their information; alternatively, information may be sensitive, identifying, or embargoed;


How do I access? 
-  Students
-  Employees
-  Alumni
-  Visitors

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