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Music: Winter 2018

Starting points for research in music



Works. Selections;"Collected wind scores Abbinanti, Frank, composer
Songbirdsongs : for piccolo(s) and percussion Adams, John Luther, 1953- composer
City noir;"City noir : for orchestra Adams, John, 1947- composer
Quintet, piano, violins (2), viola, cello, op. 20;"Piano quintet Adès, Thomas, composer
LIgNEouS, no. 1;"LigNEouS 1 : marimba & string quartet : (2010) Akiho, Andy, composer
Prélude et danse : flûte et guitare = flute and guitar Albert, Benoît, 1969- composer
Fagottissimo : op. 119 : ein Zyklus für vier Fagotte (2016) Allers, Hans-Günther, composer
Weather conversations : for flute and electronics Anderson, Claudia (Piccolo player), composer
Aura : for three percussionists : (2011) Anna S. Þorvaldsdóttir, 1977- composer
For the ice : for violin and piano Athanasiadis, Basil, 1970- composer
Split rudder, bass clarinet, electronics;"Split rudder : bass clarinet in B♭ : 2011, 2016 Bång, Malin, 1974- composetr
Adrift : for piano and electronics : (2004-07) Barrett, Richard, 1959- composer
Agustin Barrios recordings. vol. 1 Barrios Mangoré, Agustín, 1885-1944, composer
Agustin Barrios recordings. vol. 2 Barrios Mangoré, Agustín, 1885-1944, composer
Trios for flutes = Trios für Flöten = Triók fuvolákra Bartók, Béla, 1881-1945, composer
Passage : for mezzo-soprano, orchestra & electronica Bates, Mason, composer
High birds (prime) : in memoriam Iannnis Xenakis : for two electric guitars and playback Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis, 1949- composer
Roundelay;"Roundelay : quintet for brass Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis, 1949- composer
Lullaby : for saxophone quartet Biedenbender, David, 1984- composer
Fictional migrations : for flute/piccolo, horn and piano Bielawa, Lisa, composer
Primer and other duets for one piano/four hands Bolcom, William, composer
Preludes, vibraphone, organ;"Praeludium for vibraphone and organ : (1969) Bolcom, William, composer
Concertos, trombone, orchestra  arranged;"Trombone concerto : for trombone and piano reduction : (2015) Bolcom, William, composer
Morton Feldman in meinem leben;"Der Morton Feldman in meinem leben : für instrumentalensemble : (1987) Bredemeyer, Reiner, 1929-1995, composer
Anatomy of sur : for Pierrot ensemble Brijaldo, Julián, 1983- composer
Sonata mitología de las aguas no. 1 : para flauta y guitarra Brouwer, Leo, 1939- composer
Then the bells... : for chamber orchestra Brouwer, Margaret, 1940- composer
Timespan : brass quintet : (1986) Brouwer, Margaret, 1940- composer
Centennial bells : for 2 trumpets in C, horn, trombone and tubular bells Brouwer, Margaret, 1940- composer
Piano music. Selections  arranged;"Piano music arranged for guitar Cage, John, composer
The inevitable wave(c) : for chamber orchestra and fixed media Carl, Robert, 1954- composer
Sea of tales;"A sea of tales : for solo oboe and five players : 1998 Cashian, Philip, composer
Hommages : pour 4 percussions et chorégraphie Cazeaux, Anthony, composer
How to breathe underwater : for string quartet and fixed electronics : (2011  version for string quartet 2016) Cerrone, Christopher, composer
Bric a brac : für Blechbläserquintett = for brass quintet : 2017 Clesse, Aude, 1980- composer
Contemporary folklore Corner, Philip, composer
Music literature : performance possibilities derived from writers Corner, Philip, composer
Gong! Corner, Philip, composer
Metronomes : piano with metronomes, various sounds, and voice Corner, Philip, composer
Piece (in the form) of a pear : piano, or other instrumentation Corner, Philip, composer
Rosa herida;"La Rosa herida : 2 guitares = 2 guitars Côté-Giguère, Renaud, 1990- composer
Face à face : pour deux percussionnistes et traitement électronique Coulomb, Laurent, composer
Tales of Hemingway  arranged;"Tales of Hemingway : for cello and orchestra Daugherty, Michael, 1954- composer
Jackie O. Vocal score;"Jackie O : an opera in two acts (1997) Daugherty, Michael, 1954- composer, arranger of music
Melodic pieces, Book 4;"20 melodic pieces. Book 4 : for double bass & piano Dauthage, Max, 1862-1937, composer
Aisling gheal : a spectral Sean-nós setting for singer and orchestra : 2013 Dennehy, Donnacha, 1970- composer
Dark places;"The dark places Dennehy, Donnacha, 1970- composer
Last Hotel;"The last hotel : an opera : for 3 singers, one silent actor and chamber ensemble : 2014-15 Dennehy, Donnacha, 1970- composer
Hunger;"The hunger: a docu-opera : for soprano, male sean-nós singer, sinfonietta, playback and video : 2012-16 Dennehy, Donnacha, 1970- composer
Weather of it;"The weather of it : for string quartet : 2016 Dennehy, Donnacha, 1970- composer
Lullaby 6 for Duane. Selections;"For Duane : for amplified cello and open ensemble : 2016 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Forced through : for six players : 2008 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Another anxiety : violoncello solo : 2013 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Ace Farren Ford songs : mezzo-soprano and piano : 2014 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
What I Can remember from last night : horn, trombone and tuba : 2010/2013 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
714 Traction Ave., Los Angeles : versions for high or low voice : solo horn in F : 2015 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Fantasias, piano, no. 3;"Fantasia III : piano solo : 2005 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Lied/lied : for speaking/singing violinist : 2013 Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Wouldn't need you : amplified tuba and loop pedal Deyoe, Nicholas, 1981- composer
Chapter one, page one : for soprano saxophone and live audio processing : (2008) Dicke, Ian, 1982- composer
Drill, baby, drill : for three saxophones and fixed media : (2010) Dicke, Ian, 1982- composer
Song of the telegraph : for wind ensemble : (2010) Dicke, Ian, 1982- composer
Flash mob : for wind ensemble : (2011) Dicke, Ian, 1982- composer
Visages : version courte pour 6 têtes et percussions : 2013 Dubois, Quentin, composer
The Northern Shore : for piano, percussion and orchestra or chamber orchestra Feldman, Barbara Monk, 1953- composer
Hoerikwaggo : (Mountain in the sea) : for string trio and string orchestra, 2015 Fokkens, Robert, 1975- composer
Mammals of Southern Africa : (piano trio) Fokkens, Robert, 1975- composer
Songs;"Two songs : for bassoon and piano : March 2016 Fokkens, Robert, 1975- composer
Broken flights;"Broken flights : clarinette et guitare = clarinet and guitar Fortino, Gianluca, 1976- composer
Weather report : for orchestra with optional audience participation Fox, Malcolm, 1946-1997, composer
Canciones andinas;"Cuatro canciones andinas : for mezzo-soprano and piano (1999) Frank, Gabriela Lena, composer
Khazn's recitative : Elu d'vorim : solo violin Frank, Gabriela Lena, composer
Manhattan serenades : for violoncello and piano : (1995) Frank, Gabriela Lena, composer
Itinérances : 11 pièces pour guitare seule Frézignac, Jean-Max, 1962- composer
Transcendental sonnets. Vocal score;"Transcendental sonnets : (on poems by James Very) : SATB chorus and piano Gann, Kyle, composer
Commentary on hope and meaninglessness : piano : (1973) Gann, Kyle, composer
Echoes of nothing;"Echoes of nothing : for retuned virtual piano : 2011 Gann, Kyle, composer
Tapasya : for viola and percussion Giteck, Janice, 1946- composer
Posvi︠a︡shchenie Marine T︠S︡vetaevoĭ;"Hommage à Marina Zwetajewa : Suite in fünf Sätzen nach Versen von Marina Zwetajewa für gemischten Chor cappella = Homage to Marina Tsvetayeva : suite in five movements on verses by Marina Tsvetayeva for mixed choir a cappella Gubaidulina, Sofia, 1931- composer
Concordanza : für Kammerensemble = for chamber ensemble Gubaidulina, Sofia, 1931- composer
Fractured light : for wind ensemble : 2012 Guinivan, Eric, 1984- composer
880-01 Mie = Mie : caprice for eight musicians : (2008) Guinivan, Eric, 1984- composer
Love songs on poems of Sara teasdale;"Two love songs on poems of Sara Teasdale : for chorus Guinivan, Eric, 1984- composer
Avalerion : for mixed octet : (2011) Guinivan, Eric, 1984- composer
Vicious cycle : for wind ensemble : (2014) Guinivan, Eric, 1984- composer
O mistress mine : twelve songs for countertenor and piano on texts from plays by William Shakespeare Hall, Juliana, 1958- composer
Symphonic rhapsody : for solo piano (1919) : op. 14 Hanson, Howard, 1896-1981, composer
Canonograph, string trio, op. 28, no. 2;"Canonograph, op. 28, #2 : for string trio Heussenstamm, George, composer
Agathe : for guitar quartet Houghton, Mark, 1959- composer
Piano cycle, no. 2;"Piano cycle II : (2015) = Klavierzyklus II Iranyi, Gabriel, composer
Concertino, trumpet, piano, string orchestra  arranged;"Concertino : trompette et piano = trumpet and piano = Trompete und Klavier = tromba e pianoforte Jolivet, André, 1905-1974, composer
Contrition : 2 guitares = 2 guitars Jones, Zach, composer
Burlesque, opus 97 : for violincello and piano = für Violoncello und Klavier : (1999) Kapustin, Nikolaĭ, 1937- composer
Elegies, cello, piano, op. 96;"Elegy, opus 96 : for violoncello and piano = für Violoncello und Klavier : (1999) Kapustin, Nikolaĭ, 1937- composer
Pieces, guitars (2);"6 pieces for guitar duo : 2 guitares = 2 guitars Kaya, Celil Refik, 1991- composer
Circle canon 2 : for any number of instruments or voices Kelley, Daniel, composer
Mother's day : for any number of instruments or voices in any 12-pitch tuning : 1984 Kelley, Daniel, composer
Morningsongs. Blue animals, baritone voice, piano;"The blue animals : for baritone and piano : (1982) Kernis, Aaron Jay, composer
Twentieth-century idioms for violists Kimber, Michael, author, composer
Wayang style : 3 guitares = 3 guitars Kruisbrink, Annette, composer
My garden : for soprano and piano : (2004) Laitman, Lori, 1955- composer
Blinded by (the) light : for flute, alto flute, and piano with wind chimes and electric guitar Larsen, Libby, composer
Earth : Holst trope : for symphony orchestra : (2015) Larsen, Libby, composer
Timepiece for Tim : for piano and violin Larsen, Libby, composer
Pandora and the jar of troubles : voice and plucked string instrument Leedy, Douglas, composer
Quintet 1964 : for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, contrabass and organ Leedy, Douglas, composer
Remnants of symmetry : for string quartet and two percussionists, in three movements Levick, Hugh, 1943- composer
Unimagined;"The Unimagined : preparations for the unknown : for string quartet Levick, Hugh, 1943- composer
Decline & fall : for solo piano Levick, Hugh, 1943- composer
C'mon pigs of western civilization eat more grease : for baritone and piano Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Coming of light;"The coming of light : for oboe, baritone, and string quartet Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Forgiveness : for baritone and violoncello Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Variations, violin, piano;"Variations : for violin & piano Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Rumble : a medley for viola, contrabass and percussion : (1994) Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Garland;"Garland : (1993-1994) Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Little fanfare, no. 1;"A little fanfare : for trumpet, flute, violin, and harp : (1991) Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Ocean that has no west and no east;"The ocean that has no west and no east : (elegy in memory of Toru Takemitsu) Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Feast day;"Feast day Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Elegy, violin, piano;"Elegy : for violin and piano : (1990) Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Variations, cello, piano;"Three variations for violoncello and piano : based on the theme of the Goldberg variations by J.S. Bach Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Fantasy pieces Lieberson, Peter, 1946-2011, composer
Navigator. Weaver-of-fictions;"Weaver-of-fictions : the long forgetting   for alto and tenor Ganassi recorders : (2007) Lim, Liza, 1966- composer
John & Jen. Vocal score;"John & Jen : vocal selections Lippa, Andrew, composer
Ricochet lady : for solo glockenspiel Lucier, Alvin, composer
Love's secret;"Love's secret : for voice and piano Luening, Otto, 1900-1996, composer
The Blistering Price of Power : flute and tape Lyon, Eric, 1962- composer
Little pictures;"Fourteen little pictures : piano trio MacMillan, James, 1959- composer
Ninian : a concerto for clarinet & orchestra MacMillan, James, 1959- composer
For Tanya : for flute and piano (with optional flute 2 and wind chimes) Magalif, Eugene, 1957- composer
Petite suite médiévale;"Petite suite médiévale : guitare seule = solo guitar Maggio, Guy-Jean, 1953- composer
Easy pieces;"Five easy pieces : for piano 4-hands Marshall, Ingram, 1942- composer
Aube : guitare seule = solo guitar Maufroy, Laurence, 1981- composer
African harmony - songs from mama Africa : for wind orchestra and optional choir (SATB) Meij, Johan de, 1953- composer
Bronx tale. Selections. Vocal score;"A Bronx tale : Broadway's new hit musical Menken, Alan, composer
Hunchback of Notre Dame (Musical : 2014). Selections. Vocal score;"The hunchback of Notre Dame : a new musical Menken, Alan, composer
The Hamilton mixtape Miranda, Lin-Manuel, 1980- composer, librettist, lyricist
Works. Selections  arranged;"Thelonious Monk Monk, Thelonious, composer
Music for touch Monosov, Ilya, composer
Divertimenti, K. 439b. No. 4. Allegro (1st movement)  arranged;"Allegro from Divertimento IV, k. 439b : for B♭ trumpet, horn and trombone Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791, composer
Flexible music : for soprano saxophone, guitar, percussion & piano Muhly, Nico, composer
I am like a heron : for bass profondo and MIDI keyboard (controlling audio software) in just intonation Nagorcka, Ron, 1948- composer
Piano music. Selections;"Selected works for piano (piano solo and piano, four hands) Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900, composer
Gran turismo : for eight virtuoso violinists Norman, Andrew, 1979- composer
Sonnets, viola, piano  arranged;"Sonnets : version for solo viola Norman, Andrew, 1979- composer
Differences;"Differences : for viola and piano Pann, Carter, composer
Duet, saxophone, trombone;"Duo : for alto saxophone and bass trombone : (2011) Pann, Carter, composer
Sustained sounds with percussion : two or more groups of players : 1998 Parsons, Michael, 1938- composer
Settings from Joyce's Finnegans wake, soprano, double flageolet;"Two settings from Finnegan's wake : (1944) Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer
Largo, cello, orchestra  arranged;"Largo : per violoncello ed orchestra : (2003/2007) Penderecki, Krzysztof, 1933- composer
In other words : for percussion and tape (2001) Pereira, Joseph, 1974-
Tarol : for solo snare drum Pereira, Joseph, 1974-
String quartet (with soprano) (2003) Previn, André, 1929-
Hoch soll er leben! : for brass quintet Previn, André, 1929- composer
Cantus arcticus, piano, tape  arranged;"Cantus arcticus, op. 61 : duet for birds and piano Rautavaara, Einojuhani, 1928-2016, composer
Taboo danzas : for bass clarinet and guitar Riley, Terry, 1935- composer
Serquent risadome;"The Serquent risadome : for string quartet Riley, Terry, 1935- composer
Quando cosas malas caen del cielo : for national steel guitar in just intonation Riley, Terry, 1935- composer
Fall of the empire;"The fall of the empire : speaking percussionist Rzewski, Frederic, composer
Natural things : B♭ clarinet, soprano saxophone, piano, percussion, violin, cello Rzewski, Frederic, composer
96 : alto, tenor, sopranino, soprano, bass : 2003 Rzewski, Frederic, composer
3 pièces : mandoline et piano = mandolin and piano Saint-Paul, Francois, composer
Iri da iri : for unaccompanied choir SATB (with divisions) Salonen, Esa-Pekka, 1958- composer
Kaleïduoscope : marimba duet Sammut, Eric, composer
Introït, récit et congé  arranged;"Introit, récit et congé, opus 113 : pour violoncelle et orchestre Schmitt, Florent, 1870-1958, composer
Ahava : for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano Schoenberg, Adam, 1980- composer
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, D. 804, A minor;"Streichquartett a-Moll op. 29 D 804 : (Rosamunde) = String quartet in A minor op. 29 D 804 : (Rosamunde) Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828, composer
Sonatas, violin, piano;"Sonaten für Violine und Klavier = Sonatas for violin and piano = Sonates pour violon et piano Schumann, Robert, 1810-1856
Toccata de los vientos;"Toccata de los vientos : 4 guitares = 4 guitars Schwarz, Martin, 1965- composer
Ai limiti della notte;"Ai limiti della notte : per viola Sciarrino, Salvatore, composer
Studi per l'intonazione del mare;"Studi per l'intonazione del mare : con voce, quattro flauti, quattro sax, percussione, orchestra di cento flauti, orchestra di cento sax : (2000) Sciarrino, Salvatore, composer
Charlie and the chocolate factory. Selections. Vocal score;"Charlie and the chocolate factory : the new musical Shaiman, Marc, composer, lyricist
Composizione VIII : per euphonium Sormani, Angelo, 1965- composer
Anthem;"Anthem : to catch a glimpse : for solo marimba (5.0) Stout, Gordon, composer
Comme des études : guitare seule = solo guitar. volume 2 Tisserand, Thierry, composer
Couleur jazz, no. 1;"Couleur jazz no. 1 : danse : 5 guitares = 5 guitars Tisserand, Thierry, composer
Couleur jazz, no. 3;"Couleur jazz no. 3 : blues : 5 guitares = 5 guitars Tisserand, Thierry, composer
Comme des études-- volume 1 Tisserand, Thierry, composer, author
880-02 There is no point in worrying, opus 60 : guitare seule = solo guitar = Shinpai shitemo shō ga nai Tomiyama, Siyoh, 1961- composer
Preludes, piano;"Trois préludes : pour piano Trotignon, Baptiste, 1974- composer
Gravity plus : flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano : (2017) Tsontakis, George, composer
Silent poems : fl, cl, hp, string quartet : (2017) Tsontakis, George, composer
Past, the passion  arranged;"Passion : for full orchestra : (2017) Tsontakis, George, composer, arranger of music
Spiral, no. 10;"Spiral X :  in memoriam  : for amplified string quartet Ung, Chinary, 1942- composer
Triple concerto : a sonorous path : for violoncello, piano, percussion, and chamber orchestra in one movement Ung, Chinary, 1942- composer
Water rings : overture : for orchestra Ung, Chinary, 1942- composer
Clarinet:solo : (2015) Volans, Kevin, 1949- composer
Paper planes : orchestral film score Westlake, Nigel, composer, arranger of music
SKiPpY : for alto saxophone and piano : 2008 Wilson, Ian, 1964- composer
Universal accompaniments : second flute accompaniments compatible with all standard editions Wincenc, Carolyn, 1949- composer
Mr. Z : for woodwind quintet & piano Wolfgang, Gernot, 1957- composer
From Vienna with love : für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier = for violin, viola, cello and piano : (2011) Wolfgang, Gernot, 1957- composer
Leaps and bounds : for trombone and piano = für Posaune und Klavier : (2010) Wolfgang, Gernot, 1957- composer
Archangel : bass trombone and string quartet Wuorinen, Charles, composer
Concertos, piano, orchestra;"Piano concerto :  Chiavi in mano  Wyner, Yehudi, 1929- composer
Creeping ivy : duo for flute and clarinet : (2013) Young, Nina C., 1984- composer
Metal works. Selections;"Metal works : for piano and electronics (parts 1 & 2) Young, Nina C., 1984- composer
Old growth : for cello and fixed media (pre-recorded audio electronics) Ziporyn, Evan, composer
Pas de trois : for violin, cello and piano Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe, 1939- composer