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Medicine Subject Guide

A collection of excellent resources available to UCI clinicians and students.

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Bibliographic Management Tool


SciWheel is an intuitive, web-based citation management tool. With Sciwheel, you can: Store, organize format references to create in-text citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word. Capture article citations from websites. Markup and annotate PDFs.

Access: SciWheel is a licensed product available to UCI affiliates. Create a free account with your active UCI email address.

Save references from the web including databases and import references from other citation management tools.

Highlight and add notes to PDFs and web pages

  • You can see your notes and co-author comments without leaving your document. Once you make a note, you can easily search to find them. Notes are accessible wherever you view the article or PDF on the web.

Get the most relevant articles

  • Our algorithm suggests articles to ensure you never miss an important paper. You can also search for related articles while writing your paper.

Access your references and PDFs from any device

  • Read, annotate and save articles from any computer, mobile or tablet (Android and iOS). Have all your references, notes and suggested articles available across your devices.