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Materials & Manufacturing Technology: For New Graduate Students


Getting Oriented: Things to Do

  1. Connect from Off-Campus - use VPN Software - download software on all devices (max 5)
  2. Your UCI Photo-ID should contain a bar code strip so that you can check out materials and process ILL requests - if not please go to the Loan Desk at any library to obtain one and activate it
  3. Your UCI Photo ID card is your copy card - at the Library you can add money into the regenerator for photocopying (8 cents/page) and printing (12 cents/page); can be added to when money runs out; ID card will also work as a print card in all campus IT Centers but pricing for certain functions may vary
  4. Explore Bibliographic Management Systems for to learn about different software products
  5. Create a personal account in Library Search to track all library transactions
  6. Use MY ILL to follow status of InterLibrary Loan requests
  7. Explore and navigate the other Engineering Subject Guides and UCI Library website
  8. If you are a TA, please serve as intermediary between faculty and librarian – send syllabus, assignments, seek contributions to support class to promote information literacy
  9. Show interest in Scholarly Communications & Data Management issues – support for open access resources, curiosity about where to publish, retain authors’ rights, be aware of copyright & fair use and scholarly purposing of content, etc.  Visit the Scholarly Communication Subject Guide and the Research Impacts Using Citation Metrics Subject Guide
  10. Consider Data & Software Carpentry classes - building on Data Management
  11. Read eMail messages sent by Liaison Librarian
  12. Become familiar with information sessions offered by Graduate Resource Center
  13. Remember that laptops & iPads can be borrowed from MRC & LL and that there is a Presentation Room at MRC that can be reserved for you to practice presentations and reviewing the tapes
  14. Use Group Study Rooms at Science Library (SL) - can be reserved and Graduate Student Study Rooms at both libraries (ask for key or Access Code at Loan Desks); Gateway Commons is open beginning at 5pm all night through Friday night. 
  15. Use Library Escorts if leaving the Library alone at night - will take you to campus housing or to a parked vehicle in campus lots.  Call 824-SAFE (7233)
  16. Give yourself a tour of the libraries to find out where the Reference Collection is, where the current periodicals are (unbound - arranged by journal title - lift up rack for earlier issues); call # ranges for books and bound journals - at Science Library (SL) there is Bar for circulating books, Drum for bound journals that do not circulate). Virtual & Self-Guided tours are available.
  17. Register for an ORCID iD. Registration - Heads up researchers! Beginning FY 2020 (October 2019) Federal funders now require ORCID iD registration for all new fellowship, research training, education, and career development proposals.

    (See for the original notice.) ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique digital researcher identifiers. These unique identifiers help identify articles written by the same author using various forms of his, her, or their names. This registry also provides a way to link research activities, such as publication and data set creation, to these identifiers. Beyond the federal funding requirements, you’ll be doing the research community a favor by participating – the more the ORCID buy-in, the further along we all get toward the goal of seamless, comprehensive and accurate compilation of individual authors’ works.

    18, Keep up with Current Events - read online newspapers - NYT & WSJ - free digital editions to all UCI affiliates - see

    19.  Read current fiction & non-fiction - please see options for Overdrive at



Liaison Librarian

Julia Gelfand's picture
Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971