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Learn to Code with Me!

Learn to Code with Me! (Workshop Series)

When: Meets every other Monday starting Jan 28, 2019 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Where: MRC 160 (First Floor, Science Library) Here is a map!

Madelynn is the Digital Humanities and History Librarian at UCI Libraries. She wants to learn computer programming, and studies show that self-paced learning is most successful when doing it together as a group! Join this fun learning community and we’ll learn to code together!

Ideal for super beginners with no programming experience, we’ll watch online videos and follow tutorials together. As a small group, we can pause the video to ask questions, and follow along on our own computers. We’ll also leave time for group discussion.

We'll use this page to track our progress so if you miss a session or want to review a topic, you can follow along and see exactly where we are.

Progress Tracker

We’ll start with a fun but meaningful computer programming tutorial from the Khan Academy.  It’s free and focused on learning the fundamentals of programming with JavaScript to create drawings and animations, great for anyone who wants to learn to visualize data or make basic games.

To get started, create free a Khan Academy account.

Class code: DBY9C328

Join our class:

Jan 28

What we did:

  • Introductions
  • Set up Khan Academy accounts
  • Joined our class, "Learn to Code with Me: Computer Programming" using this link:
  • Segments completed:
    • What is Programming?
    • Learning programming on Khan Academy
    • Making drawings with code
    • Challenge: Simple Snowman
    • Drawing more shapes with code
    • Challenge: Waving Snowman (we'll pick up with this challenge next time)

Feb 11

  • Segments completed:
    • Challenge: Waving Snowman
    • Coloring with Code
    • Quick tip: color picking
    • Challenge: Sunny snowy day
    • The Power of Docs
    • Project: What's for Dinner?

Feb 25

  • Segments completed:
    • Intro to Variables
    • Using Variables
    • Challenge: Bucktooth Bunny
    • More on Variables
    • Challenge: Funky Frog
    • What are Animations
    • Making Animations
    • Challenge: Exploding Sun

Mar 11

Segments completed:

  • Incrementing shortcuts
  • A shorter shortcut
  • Challenge: Parting Clouds
  • Project: Shooting Star
  • Mouse interaction
  • Challenge: Tasty Tomato
  • Challenge: Mouse movement mania (super fun, btw)

Next time - we'll pick with the section "Bonus: Resizing with Variables." The first segment is "Using math expressions in JS."

Mar 25

Segments completed:

  • Using math expressions in JS
  • Resizing shapes with variable expressions
  • Using variable expressions
  • Challenge: brown bear eyes
  • Project: Animal attack

We'll pick up again with the Animal Attack project, which was on the longer side. It required some animation, and we went back to review the video in "Incrementing Shortcuts," which was helpful.

See you next time!

Apr 8

Segments completed:

  • Reviewed project "Animal Attack"
  • Started the section "Text and Strings"
    • Terrific Text: Part One
    • Challenge: My Favorite Foods
    • Terrific Text Part Two
    • Challenge: Mouse Tracker
    • Review: Text and Strings
    • Project: Ad Design

Apr 22

We'll pick up with Functions!

May 6

May 20

Jun 3


Research Librarian for Digital Humanities and History

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Madelynn Dickerson
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