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Thesis / Dissertation Formatting Manual

This guide contains information about the formatting and submission of your graduate thesis or dissertation research project.

Text and References

This section is the body of your thesis or dissertation. It is written in consultation with and approved by your committee, and typically includes the following elements:

  • Introduction or preface.
  • Main body, usually consisting of well-defined subdivisions, i.e., chapters, parts, or their equivalents.
  • Conclusion.
  • Bibliography or References.
  • Appendices (if applicable). 
  1. List each appendix separately in the Table of Contents.
  2. Tables, figures, charts, or photos placed at the end of the manuscript form an appendix and should not be listed in a list of figures, list of tables, or list of illustrations in your Preliminary Pages.


Please note that specific formatting for the Text section of your thesis may be determined by your department or school. Please comply with style guidelines or recommendations of your field.