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Thesis / Dissertation Formatting Manual

This guide contains information about the formatting and submission of your graduate thesis or dissertation research project.

Preliminary Pages

The Preliminary Pages require very specific wording, spacing, and layout. Templates and sample pages are provided for your reference.

Only the pages listed below may be included as part of the Preliminary Pages section, and they must appear in this order. No other pages are permitted. All pages are required except the Dedication Page. Lists of Symbols, Tables, Figures, and Illustrations are only required if applicable to the content of your manuscript. 

Note: A Signature Page is NOT a valid part of your manuscript and is not included in the submission of your thesis or dissertation. Committee signatures are now included on the “Ph.D. Form II/Signature Page” or the “Master’s Thesis/Signature Page” that you print and submit to the Graduate Division. If your template includes a Signature Page, then you do not have an accurate, current template.

Preliminary Pages - ORDER

Your Preliminary Pages must appear in this order:

Title Page (no page number)

Copyright Page (no page number)

Dedication Page (optional, page number ii if included)

Table of Contents (if Dedication Page is included, Table of Contents is page iii. If no Dedication, Table of Contents is page ii)

List(s) of Figures/Illustrations/Formulae/Terms/etc. (required, if applicable. Each new list should begin on a new page)

Acknowledgements (alt. spelling: Acknowledgments)

Vita (PhD dissertations ONLY. Should not be more than 3 pages)