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Film and Media Studies: Getting Started

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Reference Resources to get started with FMS Research Topics:

Encyclopedias and handbooks are excellent resources to get started on your research because they provide you with topical overviews that are (1) shorter than scholarly articles and (2) written a in language that is meant for novice researchers learning about a new topic or field of study. They often include excellent references and further resources as well. Consult bibliographies to be pointed to subject-specific secondary sources (articles, books, journals, etc.) that will help you identify both scholars and key resources for your area of study.


TV Print Reference at Langson Library

General Reference Sources

While these reference sources are not specific to film or media studies, depending on your topic they can be very helpful tools to dig into an issue (culturally, socially, politically, etc.).


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Film Literature Bibliographies (Books)