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Entrepreneurship: Supply Chain

This guide supports UCI’s innovation and entrepreneurship community by connecting users to relevant resources used to conduct research throughout the entrepreneurial process.

Supply Chain

Procurement IQ
Access: UCI
Geography: US

Reports on over 1,000 industries featuring 15-20 pages of data and analysis of the procurement landscape so you can plan your supply chain and make smart buying decisions. Reports cover: product or service pricing dynamics, product characteristics that affect the purchasing decision, supplier benchmarking and supply chain risks, negotiation questions and tactics, recent price, forecast price, market characteristics, market risk, benchmark price, key price drivers, major vendors, vendor cost benchmarks, and the Buyer Power Score. 


Access: UCI
Geography: US

Industry research reports of 30-40 pages on 1,000+ U.S. industries, including a section for industry-level supply chain information.

S&P Capital IQ
Access: UCI - Authorized Affiliates

Geography: US & Global

A comprehensive company intelligence database, offering granular financial and capital structure information on millions of companies worldwide, including: data and graphs for historic stock prices, searchable SEC filings, mergers & acquisitions activities, and venture capital/private equity data. Also features biographic and professional connection information for millions of business practitioners.  

  • Search for a company  >  [left menu] Business Relationships  >  Customers | Suppliers

Access: Public

Online platform for supplier discovery and product sourcing in the US and Canada. 

The terminology used to characterize a distributor may vary by industry.
Other relevant words include: resellerwholesalerdealer, and broker

To build a list of distributors by industry (and location), first find the most relevant NAICS code for your product category. (NAICS codes related to "Wholesale Trade" start with the number 42.)

Using one of the company directory databases below, enter the relevant NAICS code (it's an available search option), and use any other limiting criteria (e.g., location) that you need.

Access: UCI
Geography: US & Global

A global company directory with two modules: (1) American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries, and (2) Foreign Firms Operating in the United States. Search on key criteria, including industry, employee count, and revenue, and download results in an Excel spreadsheet.


Mergent Intellect
Access: UCI
Geography: US & Global

Public and private company information, as available, for companies worldwide. Advanced Search allows for creating a custom Excel spreadsheet of companies based on criteria like industry, location, size, Fortune 1000 status, etc.  

News is often one of the only sources of information about a company's practices related to its supply chain.

Business Source Complete
Access: UCI
Geography: US & Global

Covers virtually all business subjects. Thousands of business articles from newspapers, trade publications, and magazines.


Access: UCI
Geography: US & Global

Worldwide coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business newswires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, and business-rich websites.

Access World News

Access: UCI
Geography: US & Global

Full-text news from 600+ U.S. and 700+ international sources, offering diverse viewpoints on local, regional and world issues.

Other Supply Chain Sources

U.S. public companies must disclose their customers' names, when 10% or more of their revenue comes from sales to a single materially important customer. You'll find these in companies' 10-K (Annual Report) SEC filings. 

Companies' "Investor Relation" pages can be a good supply chain resource, with details about their top suppliers, their sustainability efforts, etc. Examples: AppleTargetCoca ColaTiffany & Co., and H&M.

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