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Economics: Transportation Databases

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Transportation Databases

Transportation Databases


1 user at a time; try later if refused.  An index that combines the following databases: Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS), International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) from OECD; and TRANSDOC from ECMT.  A comprehensive source of international air and surface (road, rail, and marine) transportation information, from 1968 to the present. Records are from research reports, books, articles from journals and reviews, theses, standards, specifications, conference proceedings, etc. 


OECD iLibrary
Features a theme of "Transport," which includes books, statistical indicators, and papers. 


Bureau of Transportation Statistics
A statistical agency within the US Department of Transportation that focuses on compiling, analyzing, and publishing a comprehensive set of transportation statistics;


Urban Studies Abstracts
Thousands of bibliographic entries of key relevance to the discipline including urban affairs, community development and urban history.


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