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Drama: DRAMA 40B - Drama History II (Qianru Li)

Starting points for research in drama

Read about Music

You might be better able to find music that fits particular historical needs (like what your playwright might have been listening to, etc.) if you first know what music was popular during a particular time/period.

Oxford Music Online * contains several important resources including New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Use this site to find country overviews, time period overviews, biographies of composers and performers, and information about some specific pieces of music. 

  • TIP: Try browsing by Place Type--> Country to find country overview articles.
  • TIP: A timeline of Women in Music (if you want to pay particular attention to creating a more inclusive playlist)

AllMusic Themes provides a listing of popular music (so it will generally have lyrics, which you're limited in how many songs like this you can use) that match certain themes. Some of the listed themes are Adventure, Crime, Victory, Seduction, etc.

Listen to Music

Naxos Music Library * allows you to listen to almost 115,000 streaming albums. Many different record labels, including the prestigious Sony Classical, reside here. While mainly focused on Western art music, a decent selection of world music can be found here as well.

  • TIP: Check out the Playlists (on the left side of the screen)--> choose Themed Playlists (top of screen) to discover curated lists of music that meet particular criteria. For example, discover several lists of music that feature "Animals in Music," "Battles and Fights in Music," "Love Scenes in Music," "The Seasons in Music," etc.
  • TIP: Use an Advanced Search (upper right corner of home page) to discover music from a particular time and place.


  • TIP: Many of the albums will have a BOOKLET filled with tons of information about the composer and the music. Be sure to read it to learn more about what you're listening to.

Smithsonian Global Sound * is known for providing recordings from the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings labels. Music found in this database represents traditional cultures across the world from Armenia to Zimbabwe.

Jazz Music Library * has almost 1,000,000 tracks (that's over 65,000 albums if you're counting) of jazz, swing, bop, dixieland, etc.