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Drama: DRAMA 129W - Latinx Performance

Starting points for research in drama

Facts: Understand the Background

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Scholarly Analysis

Finding information can sometimes be really easy and sometimes really difficult. While very simple search strategies, like just searching for a name, will often bring up relevant results, you should also be able to construct more advanced searches and to think outside the proverbial search box.

  • There might not be any scholarly material about your specific play or playwright. If that's the case (or even if you want to engage more fully with the broader scholarly conversation) be sure to think about RELATED information that might be helpful. For example, if you were searching for articles about Octavio Solis' play "Lydia," you might search for literature dealing with a similar play setting like living on the Texas/Mexico border, plays set in the waning civil rights movements of the 70s, etc.
  • Continuing with that same example, you might search for analyses of plays that deal with similar themes like family, sexual desire, illegal immigration, etc.
  • Sometimes you might retrieve TOO MANY results. If that's the case, use some of the limiters available in your database, like only searching for your term as a SUBJECT/TOPIC (rather than a more general keyword), narrowing down your results to scholarly/peer-reviewed articles, etc.
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Latinx Plays @ UCI

UCI Libraries has many different plays, both online and physical, from Latinx playwrights. For more comprehensive information, check out the Latinx Plays page already existing on the Drama Research Guide. Below is a very small selection of some of the most recent additions to our collection:

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