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Drama: DRAMA 126 - African American Drama and Film

Starting points for research in drama

Let's read some plays!

While you've been assigned specific plays to read in this class, you might want to read others. You can look for specific plays in Library Search, but you can also look in several niche databases that provide full text plays.

African Writer Series contains plays, novels, and poetry by a wide variety of African writers.

Black Drama contains 1,462 plays by 233 playwrights.


Step 1 - Factual and Background Resources

Explore new (to you) resources to locate information that will help you contextualize the plays that you are reading. These resources are listed in individual categories; however, many of them will provide information that can be helpful for multiple questions. For example, the Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Popular Culture will provide you with information about African cultures, but this will also include information about theatre, music, clothing, etc.

Where can you find information about African or African-American theatre and film?

Where can you find information about African or African-American culture and history?

Step 2 - Scholarly Articles

After you've gained an understanding of the history/culture/FACTS surrounding your topic, it's time to see why these things have occurred and what it means in the context of your study of African drama (i.e., what are other people writing about your question). I recommend using the following three databases to locate some of this information, but there are many more (depending on your topic) that might be as, or even more, appropriate for for researching your question.