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UPPP 101 History of Cities - Winter 2023: Home

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APA Style

The latest 7th edition (2020) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is only available in print, thus it is recommended that you use the Purdue Owl Cheat Sheet to guide your creation of references and to also use Prof. Wang's video that she has posted.  Many examples of content that you may cite are found here.

Connecting from Off-Campus - Using VPN & DUO

You will need to use the VPN in order to access licensed content, and have available the DUO for additional authentication.  You can test and make sure your VPN is working by following the directions.  You can download the software on up to 5 devices.  Contact OIT if you encounter any problems at 949-824-2222 (24/7)


There are three (3) major assignments in this class with hints below for each - please carefully read the options you have for a Video Presentation or to create a website for the group projects found on page 7 of the syllabus (Assignment 2).

1. Assignment 1: Hometown Essay - there are numerous sources for you to consider when you are describing your hometown and you will want to find demographic information (remember that the latest information that we have is from the 2010 Census) that you can add from many sources such as if in CA, consult:

Ideal characteristics of a city are examined in your course syllabus and in resources such as from:

To compare to Irvine - check these sources:

In Asignment #2 City Profile - your group will either prepare a video or create a website based on research you will conduct on different cities that explore how they compare on a theme.  This is a project where you will compare cities on your general theme.  Carefully read the prompts for the assignment so that you gather all the component parts.  Data that you are seeking should cover the following elements and each source must be cited in APA Style given the following outline:

  • Names of creators with heading:  UPPP 101 Professor Wong, Winter 2023
  • Define theme and use as title of your video or website
  • Name of City, State/Province, Country
  • Location - include a map (cite source & date)
  • Current socioeconomic data (total population, GDP, Race/ethnicity, income levels, median home prices/value, median rent, poverty rate, education attainment, literacy rates, business landscape, health data/infant mortality, other relevant data)
  • Early history of the city - when was the city founded, by whom, how did it grow, etc
  • One major historical event that related to social change (related to your overall theme) (social change event or movement and its significance)
  • include three photos of the city or historical event (cite - may be historical or still from another video)
  • organize by using headers and bullet points
  • include all references in APA style

If you choose the website option you will want to cover the following content plus incorporate the above inclusions with the group reflecting that

  • each student will choose a different city
  • a common theme will serve as the title for the website - review suggestions for themes
  • include visual images and data that support comparisons and contrasts

General sources are found on the Resources tab.

For Assignment 3 -  Final Paper - you have a choice to work in pairs or independently to complete the 6-7 page final paper where you will choose a US or international city, to create a pre-recorded video OR website AND write the paper.  This paper is a more formal assignment, where you will use headers instead of bullets and write in complete sentences.  You will need to cite all sources and you will need to conduct research so that you include at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles from the scholarly literature.  All sources are to be outside of what is listed in the syllabus.  You are required to cite at least 3 direct quotations from different sources. 

Sources for such literature include the following databases:

For socioeconomic data - consult the Resources tab and additional Research Guides such as for Urban Planning & Public Policy, Census - please contact me if you have any questions.  Remember that there may not be annual data as the census of population and housing is not done annually.

You may find some eBooks for the historical content that you need to introduce.




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