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Library Search Help: Narrow your search

How to use Library Search

How to narrow your search

Use the Library Search bar to search for resources

Your results can contain books, journals, articles, and more - use the options on the left to narrow your results

Check box next to a filter and click on Apply Filter.

To limit your results check the box next to your desired filter (e.g. "Peer-reviewed Journals") and then click "APPLY FILTERS"

To exclude certain results check the red box on the right of the filter you do not want (e.g. "Reviews") and then click "APPLY FILTERS"

Applied filters display at top left under Active Filters. Click the lock button to keep a filter on throughout the search session.

Once you have applied filters they will appear at the top left under "Active Filters" - click the lock button on a filter to keep it throughout your searching session

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