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INF 161: Social Analysis of Computerization: Final Project


Hints for Final Project

This is a group assignment and everyone should have specific roles where you can distinguish the contributions.  Some ways to create efficiency:

  • You may want to review some videos on YouTube for some ideas
  • Identify a "group leader" who will make sure that everyone delivers what they promise and serve as a "project manager"
  • Have everyone contribute to, edit and review the 150 abstract or description of your project
  • Share your annotated bibliographies within group
  • You may want to have a shared outline with everyone's topic and responsibilities on a shared Google Drive
  • Remember that you can check out digital cameras and other relevant equipment from the Library MRC
  • The MRC will offer several video creation and editing short sessions in early Nov 2018
  • Make sure that video is no longer than 10 minutes and introduces a social analysis of the chosen technology