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INF 161: Social Analysis of Computerization: Hints for Paper 2 - Data Footprint


Approaches to research & create a Data Footprint

There are different approaches that you can take to create a personal digital footprint profile to see your use and dependency of different digital tools and how it affects your way of life. You may want to first define what this really means by consulting some definitions - does it mean everything you do via the Internet?

For this paper you need at least one peer-reviewed source in the list of references for this 2-3 page assignment and that can be found by using the following databases:

You may also want to explore what the industry or marketplace is doing in this arena, especially considering how Facebook has been in the news over the past few months and the related issues to privacy, sharing information, net neutrality and related themes.


Reference Resources

These Reference Resources have chapters or entries that may be useful for you to review.  Many contain additional references.