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UPPP 152 - Cultural Ecology and Environmental Design - Winter 2019: Home


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This course forces you to think about your space, personal and shared environments and the choices that you make there. This is a very interdisciplinary process and may include.

  • traditional or vernacular mechanisms to study cultural significance or emphasis
  • sustainable environmental efforts
  • a psychological examination that takes place relying upon the discipline of environmental psychology
  • an ethnographic or cultural orientation - perhaps anthropological
  • demographic - population dependent
  • geographic - location dependent
  • environmental - what about influences of climate, need for open space, green practices, sustainability
  • social - what kinds of relationships evolve, develop, or are restrained
  • economic - there are costs associated requiring fiscal planning
  • religious - different faiths and practices require or suggest needs and preferences
  • artistic - an aesthetic that fits architectural and artistic details into local situations

The emphasis this year will be on Japan and this guide will lead you to resources that promote an cultural and ecological study of Japan, its landscape, architecture and lifestyle.

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