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Digital Humanities : DH Tools and Methods


Selected DH Methods, Tools and Projects

Notes: The tools in italics are commercial products; the others are open software. More tools can be found on the DiRT Directory.

DH Methods


Sample Projects

Critical curation - create a corpus of digital texts and  images, often across institutional holdings.

Augmented editions -- annotate, collate, comment, crowdsource and add layers of meaning onto a textual corpora

Topic modeling -- weight words within a given work  to see how certain concepts are formulated

Cultural analytics --look at larger trends in culture using big data and visualization techniques

Visualization--makes trends & arguments visible using charts, graphs, wordclouds, and virtual representation of reality

Network analysis--model the relationships between data to make meaningful connection

Animated Archive--bring archival and primary source material alive through a digital platform

Mapping -- create graphic representations of information using spatial relationships

Gaming--employ interactive media to engage users; crowdsourcing content