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Ask A Librarian


Ask A Librarian


In addition to contacting the Subject or Liaison Librarian, use this link to get immediate assistance by coming to or phoning a Reference Desk, using eMail, CHAT or TEXT, or to set up a Research Consultation.


SE 10 -  Winter 2019

This course site introduces library resources and services and will help you to complete your assignments, for this course and introduce you to core resources in the disciplines covered by Social Ecology.  The emphasis is on Social Sciences research methodology including design, validation, data management, and how to write about findings and postulate research conclusions.  You should be able to translate this research process to other assignments you complete for Social Ecology and other research-based courses. 


In order to work efficiently in the Libraries, you may want to:

  • read the assignments and all accompanying material carefully (Literature Review Tips) and follow instructions
  • leave sufficient time for consultation with a librarian or TA if needed and for revision
  • utilize eMail so that you can send results from conducting literature searches in different databases and file in eMail folders for future reference
  • write from an outline so that you can fill gaps - become familiar with the research outline:
    • Hypothesis
    • Background/ Description of Problem or Question/Context/Importance
    • Research Methodology
    • Findings
    • Summary of Literature Review
    • Conclusions - including the acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis
  • consider learning how to use a form of Bibliographic Management Software to organize your results from searching databases or collecting citations. You may want to consult a Summary Page for additional help and access to tutorials
  • learn to use MS Office Word Tracking - activate on the Review tab - a visual source of editing different drafts
  • Learn how to use MELVYL and Library Search - powerful search tools for articles, images, books, databases, journals, and videos. The former covers other libraries' holdings, the latter more specifically searches within UCI collections. 
  • develop access to library resources from off-campus - see the box on the left for your options
  • define your subtopic so that you can conduct your literature search - consider some synonyms that describe topic or major themes
  • learn what the value of an abstract is - should determine if you should track down full article or chapter
  • look specifically for empirical articles - if you search PsycINFO you can restrict your search to contain empirical data by scrolling down and restricting the "Methodology" to "Empirical Study" - it may be helpful to consult and use the Thesaurus and also restrict the coverage of the your search since this database goes back to 1806 and you most likely will not need to conduct such a retrospective literature search.  The Guide to PsycInfo is a good orientation to how to use the database to its best utility.

Library is Open for eAccess

Liaison Librarian

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Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Library Hours

Library Hours for the academic year are extensive.  Please consult the Library Hours before making a disappointing trip.  Libraries are open Mon-Thurs from 8am-11pm; Fri from 8-6pm and Sat from 1-5pm and Sunday from 1-9pm; Gateway Commons is open Mon-Thurs from  8am - 3am; Friday from 8am-9pm; Saturday from 5-9pm  & Sunday from 5 pm - 3am.. All libraries will be closed on Monday, January 18 for MLK Day and February 18 for Presidents' Day.

Please use the Campus Safety Escort Service when leaving the library/campus late at night alone by calling 824-7233,