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Image Research: Costume Design: ARTstor Help


Start Here: Guides for Getting Started

ARTstor is a web-based tool which allows one to search for, view, and present high quality images of art, architecture and design and many other disciplines in the humanities. This page provides information for getting started and FAQs.

ARTstor quick start guide (pdf)
This is the official ARTstor one-page guide in pdf format.

You Tube: Introduction to ARTstor
Highly recommended!

ARTstor system requirements page
This page explains the hardware and software needed to run and use ARTstor correctly.

ARTstor online help
This is the official ARTstor online help manual.


How do I get to ARTstor? and how can I get access off campus?

  • If you are registered, the main web address for the ARTstor homepage is You can enter here and sign in with your user name.

  • NOTE: ARTstor does not work with webVPN. If you are off campus, you'll need to use software VPN. If you plan to use ARTstor off campus, it is highly recommended that you register.

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Why do I need to register for ARTstor?

  • See how to register below. Make sure to register from a UCI computer.  Click here for instructions from ARTstor's help guide as well.
  • To use the following advanced features, you must register for ARTstor: 

Download images, Save image Groups, add Personal Notes, register to view contents of password protected
Shared Folders, and download the Offline Image Viewer.

  • Once you are registered, you will see a message the indicates your 120 grace period has started. You have 120 days remaining to use ARTstor off-campus. Logging into ARTstor on campus restarts your 120 grace period.

1. Go to and click "ENTER HERE"

2. Click on Register

3. Fill out Registration Form and click "Submit"

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What are "instructor privileges" and how can I get them?

  • If you are an instructor at UC Irvine Instructor Privileges allow you to create shared folders, add instructor commentary, create and upload Personal Image Collections. To obtain instructor privilages email the ARTstor User Support Group at:

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Who may I contact for assistance with ARTstor?

  • On Campus: For help or assistance, contact the UCI ARTstor Administrator & User Support Group:                                                      Jenna Dufour ( (949) 824-6672


  • Additional ways to get help

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What are the PERMITTED USES of ARTstor?

  • faculty/staff lectures
  • presentations
  • classroom handouts
  • course reserves
  • research projects
  • student presentations & papers

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What are the PROHIBITED USES of ARTstor?

  • unrestricted Web sites
  • commercial purposes
  • print or electronic publications distributed through a press

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Can I use ARTstor images in publications and on unrestricted Web sites?

  • No, with the exception of their Images for Academic Publishing (search on IAP). Image providers participating in IAP have supplied publication-quality images and agreed to make them available free-of-charge for use in scholarly publications. ARTstor users can download IAP images and use them for publications and on unrestricted Web sites by providing some basic information and agreeing to the IAP Terms & Conditions of Use.
  • IAP images will have an icon reading "IAP" located directly beneath their thumbnail image. In some instances, third-party copyright permissions may be needed (such as where the underlying work in an image is still under copyright). However, ARTstor and the image providers in the IAP service hope that by lowering the costs for academic publication, this initiative will significantly promote scholarship and learning in the arts and related fields, and will encourage others in the community to support such endeavors.