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SE 10 - Research Design - Fall 2021 - Prof. Garrison: Final Paper


HINTS for both submissions

The research project has been divided into several smaller assignments that will have due dates throughout the quarter.  These general hints will apply to the entire project with more specifics for each aspect as you work.

  1. Read the Final Paper assignment carefully and make sure that all aspects of the Rubric are covered
  2. Contribute your share to the Group Process
  3. Frame the research question - topic that is being studied and note population and environmental context
  4. Conduct a literature search ASAP so that you know that your background reading will include literature (peer-reviewed) or book chapters and you can use other materials from books, book chapters, conference papers/proceedings, white papers, news articles, media releases, etc to inform your proposal
  5. If you need assistance, contact Liaison Librarian or use the Chat, eMail or Consultation services
  6. Take advantage of the discussion sessions with your Teaching Assistants
  7. Calendar all due dates to avoid penalties for late assignments
  8. Before you begin writing your research proposal, find about 5-6 relevant articles that will help you follow the proposed outline
  9. Adopt the APA Style Manual (The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed, 2019 is available at LL REF BF 76.7 P83 2019) for consistent citations to all content that you reference - Chapter 5 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association has been revised for online content -



Follow the proposed outline for the research proposal:

  • Title
  • Abstract - do NOT copy an abstract from an article; just use it as a model; sometimes it is best to write the abstract last so it really describes the paper or study
  • Introduction
  • Methods - can be searched in PsychINFO under "Methodology" - Empirical or specific kind of study; remember to identify the Independent and Dependent variables - may be stated or you will have to determine from the data
  • Results / Findings
  • References - follow the APA style - the Publication Manual of the APA, 5th ed., 2001 is found at each Library's Reference Desk at  BF76.7 .P83 2001and the APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources, 2007 is also founda t each Library's Reference Desk at  PN171.F56 A63 2007
  • Tables / Figures - can also be searched under supplemental data.

Hints for Different Steps

Your Research Project is divided up into several steps or different assignments.  Following are some hints to expedite your work both individually and collectively in the groups:

Step 2 -

  1. Develop proficiency in using PsycINFO - study the guide that is on this course guide as a separate tab so that you can learn to refine your searches.  Also, explore what topical areas are covered and how you can restrict your searches to journal articles only, use the techniques to refine your search to human subjects, of specific age ranges, etc.  Also, learn how to use the Thesaurus and Descriptors to achieve higher relevancy. 
  2. Remember to use the eLinks to determine our holdings for the journals at UCI, either as online full text or in print.
  3. Learn how to eMail a list of references to yourself.
  4. If you have used RefWorks or want to learn how to use it, this is a great time to develop those bibliographic management skills.
  5. Summarize the article that you find.  You may want to keep some additional citations for building a longer bibliography.
  6. Share the primary journal articles each member in your group selects.
  7. Remember that depending on your topic that there may be other database resources for you to consider searching that cover your topic with a different slant.  The list of Databases to get you started or the Subject Guides will be helpful to identify them, and may include PubMed, BIOSIS, Environmental Sciences & Pollution Abstracts, etc.

Step 3

  1. Defining Methodolgy of research study - when you conduct your literature search, consider how to incorporate or restrict your search to reflect the methodology of choice.
  2. You may want to register and use Google Docs to share a writing platform.

Steps 4 & 5 & 6

This is the real emphasis of the work you must complete. 

  1. Read the Research Handout carefully.  Use your textbook for information about the different methodologies and variables.
  2. Remember to follow directions for how to use APA Style.  Some directions or additional help is available from the resources in Quick Reference.

Steps 7 & 8

  1. Data Collection is critical to the analysis.
  2. Make sure that you identify and discuss the statistical test you employed or utilized.

Step 9

  1. Final draft - make sure that you format per the instructions.  Seek help along the way if you need it.