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Bibliographic Management Software _OLD

Citation tracking software using EndNote, Endnote Web, and Zotero. Examples of citation styles and how to track scholarly article citations.

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General Information

  Endnote RefWorks Zotero Mendeley
Type Desktop Client Web-based Desktop software and browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Desktop software and web-based. Works with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Tutorials Endnote Training Refworks Tutorial Zotero Tutorial Mendeley Tutorial
Cost The Libraries do not provide access to X8, the current version of EndNote. It is available for purchase online. A 12-month subscription to RefWorks is available for $100 / year.  Free (Open Source) with 100 MB of storage.  Upgrades available for a monthly fee. Free with 1GB of web space (500 MB personal & 500 MB shared.) Upgrades available for a monthly fee.

How It Works

  Endnote RefWorks Zotero Mendeley
How it works

Export references from compatible databases.

Export references from compatible databases. Zotero identifies when you are looking at an item and will show an icon in the URL bar.  Click the icon to add the item to your references. Export references from compatible databases.
Learning Curve Higher Learning curve Fairly quick to learn Quick to learn, very simple design Quick to learn, simple design
  • Numerous output styles     
  • Highly customizable
  • Can handle a large amount of references
  • Good for major research projects because it has the most options for customization and formatting
  •  Excellent for organizing citation
  • Can share citations
  • Good for organizing papers
  • Web based
  • Download of records is easy
  • Good for managing a variety of formats, including webpages
  • Downloads records for some databases that don’t work with Endnote and RefWorks such as Factiva
  • Manage PDFs
  • Share citations and documents
  • Social aspect, see what others are reading or citing
  • Pulls metadata from PDFs

Import / Export

  Endnote RefWorks Zotero Mendeley
Output styles and Bibliographic formats Many styles and formats Many styles and formats Many styles and formats Many styles and formats
Importing Records Record import is simple from most research databases. Record import is simple from most research databases. Simple, as long as the resource is compatible with Zotero.  Verify information is correct after import. Simple, use the Mendeley browser plugin.  Does not work with as many databases as other products.
What can you import Organize records for articles and books.  PDFs and other file types can be stored within the record.  PDFs can be downloaded but are not searchable. Records for articles and books Books, articles, patents, webpages; can also store PDF’s, screenshots, files and images within record.  PDFs can be searchable in the preferences menu. Import bibliographic citations and PDFs.  Can also manually add citations.
Exporting Records to other citation software Yes Yes Yes Yes, export to EndNoteXML, RIS and BibTex


  Endnote RefWorks Zotero Mendeley
Integration with word processing software Works with Word, Open Office and LaTex through BibTex. Works with Word through “Write-N-Cite” Feature and LaTex through BibTex. Works with Word, Open Office; and with LaTex through BibTex Works with Word and OpenOffice and LaTex through BibTex.
Important features PDF file management and organization. Not limited to a single machine.
  • Must sync to access via multiple computers
  • Integrated with the web
  • Fast download of records
  • Allows for tagging
  • Saves snapshots of web pages
  • Can highlight text and take notes on page
  • Works well for collaboration
  • Can highlight text and comment on page
Collaborate No Yes.  Users can share reference with other RefWorks users. Yes, both with individuals and groups. Yes, share with groups.
Record back up No Yes Yes, if you choose to back-up or sync. Yes
Mobile Access EndNote Web has a mobile version. Login with your email and EndNote Web password. RefMobile

Third Party Mobile Apps

iPhone & iPad Apps