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Spanish & Portuguese: Find Books by Subject & Call Number


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How to Browse the Shelves

Arrangement of the Langson Spanish & Portuguese Collection by nationality of author and corresponding Call Number range

(all books are located on the 3rd floor of Langson Library)

Spain PQ6007-PQ7011
U.S. & Canadian authors of Spanish works PQ7070-PQ7079
Spanish America (general) PQ7081-PQ7099
Mexico PQ7100-PQ7298
Spanish Caribbean (general) PQ7358-PQ7361
Cuba PQ7370-PQ7390
Dominican Republic PQ7400-PQ7409
Puerto Rico PQ7420-PQ7440
Central America (general) PQ7471-PQ7479
Costa Rica PQ7480-PQ7489
Guatemala PQ7490-PQ7499
Honduras PQ7500-PQ7509
Nicaragua PQ7510-PQ7519
Panama PQ7520-PQ7529
El Salvador PQ7530-PQ7539
South America (general) PQ7551-PQ7592
Argentina PQ7600-PQ7798
Bolivia PQ7800-PQ7820
Chile PQ7900-PQ8098
Colombia PQ8160-PQ8180
Ecuador PQ8200-PQ8220
Paraguay PQ8250-PQ8259
Peru PQ8300-PQ8498
Uruguay PQ8510-PQ8520
Venezuela PQ8530-PQ8550
Spanish American authors not identified with any country PQ8560
Portugal PQ9000-PQ9411
U.S. & Canadian authors of Portuguese works PQ9470-PQ9479
Brazil PQ9500-PQ9698