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Social Science Data: Literature Review

Resources for locating and analyzing social science data across subfields and geographic regions

Annual Reviews*

Sample Literature Review

"Writing A Literature Review Is An Inevitable Part of Being A Graduate Student" (NCSU)

Annual Reviews* - The Ultimate Lit Review

"Annual Review articles hold a unique place in the scholarly communication ecosystem because they transfer expert knowledge synthesized from the exponentially expanding corpus of scientific literature to scholars and society. To create this impactful content, we bring together expert Editorial Committees in each covered discipline and facilitate meetings where members can discuss trends in each field and select relevant topics for review. Authoritative authors are then invited to submit reviews, and they readily accept the challenge to help shape and define their field as a service to scholars and society. The number of Annual Review journals continues to grow over a broad range of disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences, including Economics. The creation of a new title indicates that the amount of original research in a field has reached a critical mass."